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The Forex market is the largest, most liquid financial market in the world, with average daily turnover of US$4 trillion. At Littlefish FX, we offer FX investment solutions, education and support for Forex retail traders and high-net-worth investors.

At Littlefish FX we are democratising the foreign exchange market by providing educational materials, analytical tools, trading systems and alternative investments based on order flow concepts and strategies (traditionally the preserve of large financial institutions).

Our expert team of analysts, traders and IT developers have developed innovative and cutting-edge order flow systems giving Littlefish FX a bank-level view of the Foreign Exchange Market. This provides us with a distinct competitive edge which we leverage to help individuals learning about, trading and investing in FX.

We believe that everyone interested in making money from FX should have access to these order flow concepts and techniques. So, whether you’re looking to LEARN, TRADE or INVEST in FX we provide you with the education, analysis and investment opportunities you need.

In addition, our SPEND section focuses on the aspirational Trader Lifestyle aspect of trading. We offer competitions, reviews, banner ads and feature articles to appeal to our trader and high net worth audience.

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