Prop Trader Leaderboard

#TraderMonthsAverage MonthReturn ScoreVolatility ScoreTotal Score
1Trader 203123.10%18.7511.1578.89
2Trader 186110.65%11.9412.8164.95
3LFX Trade Alerts (Read More)140.70%7.7912.7561.07
4Trader 177110.89%8.534.1740.87
6Trader 29211-0.07%8.224.6130.19
7Trader 135110.11%6.973.7029.52
8Trader 4088-0.16%2.371.8218.38
9Trader 133-1.13%0.001.351.35

This leaderboard will be publicly visible and updated at the end of each calendar month. Traders will be assigned a username that will ensure identities remain anonymous, unless specifically requested otherwise (e.g. name or initials).

Read more about getting on our leaderboard and becoming a Prop Trader at Littlefish FX here!

Performance Scoring System

Performance will be measured using our internal scoring methods, which at all times will be managed by Littlefish FX. We won’t reveal the exact details of our scoring systems as they remain the intellectual property of Littlefish FX.

Note however that total return or aggressive scaling will not guarantee ranking success. Instead we can provide the following key pointers as to how traders will rank highly:

Our scoring system will favour:

  • Consistency
  • Low Leverage
  • Low Volatility
  • Risk vs Return
  • Live Accounts

Conversely the following will not fare as well:

  • High Frequency
  • Low Trade Expectancy
  • Demo Accounts
  • Methods like Martingale
  • Poor understanding of risk concepts

The content & strategies in our Forex Trading Course outline exactly in detail what sort of trader we are after at LFX.

Updated: January 4th 2017