Formed in 2011, Littlefish FX aims to democratise the foreign exchange market by providing high quality educational materials, pro trader analysis, trading strategies and market-leading tools & indicators to retail traders of all experience.

Traditionally the preserve of large financial institutions, Forex is now a thriving market for willing, committed and knowledgeable retail traders to make consistent returns. As our company name suggests, our expert team of analysts, traders and IT developers have developed innovative and cutting-edge educational and analytical tools and strategies to help the “little fish” navigate the trillion-dollar FX ocean.

In order to do this, we offer the following products and tools aimed at retail traders of all abilities:

Forex Trading Course

The most comprehensive and valuable Forex Trading Course on the market (includes over £2,000 worth of market-leading FX indicators). Get our course here.

Forex Trade Alerts, Daily Analysis & Live Trading Room

Our Pro Traders and FX Analysts provide daily Forex analysis and Forex Trade Alerts by email (sign up here), as well as being on hand to discuss the day’s trading in our Live Trading Room.

Prop Trading Programme & Pro Trader Mentoring

Here at Littlefish FX we’re looking to recruit the next generation of brilliant traders. So we’re offering eager retail traders a unique chance to earn their way on to a Prop Desk through our Prop Trading League. And for those who wish to learn direct from industry experts, we offer one-to-one pro trader mentoring with our LFX trading team, who will help you build a trading style and strategy that works for you.

Market-leading Forex Indicators

Our market-leading Forex indicators are designed and built by traders, for traders. Compatible with a variety of leading trading platforms, they include Pin Bar Indicator, COT Indicator, Psych Indicator and Order Flow Trader. You can also trial all of our Forex Indicators for 14 days for just £10.

Trader Lifestyle

And for a healthy dose of the other side of a trader’s lifestyle, our Trader Lifestyle section provides some light reading for those well-needed breaks away from the trading screens.

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