Career Advice and Chart Capture

“It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

Abraham Maslow

CtrlAltDaveLargeWhat is the difference between a developer and a programmer?

Sadly, this question of semantics has no punchline but can make a massive difference for the person’s career. Too many behave like programmers, in that, they write code and nothing else. A prime example includes openly hating meetings, even productive ones, because such discussion is not in their job description.

However, developers realise that discussion with stake holders and other developers on the project is required to create solutions and solve problems. Meanwhile Solution Architects are just better at playing this game, and thus get paid even more.

Outside the world of programming, there is no appreciation for beautiful code but only how does it make them money and does it work? And by “work”, they really mean “useful” which, again, is mostly about money.

There has been great discussion about signal services recently in the fish bowl. One first step is to send emails with an attached chart.  For those well versed in NinjaTrader’s NinjaScript, sendmail() does not support attachments.

Thus, I’ve built a tool which can automatically capture the chart in an email.  Straightforward, but actually very useful.  Unfortunately, that only means more work to integrate it into our existing strategies…

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