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Commodities Corner Trade Ideas: Gold Trades Net+2000pips since October 2015 inception

In October this year we introduced our followers to a new weekly feature; Commodities Corner analysis and trade ideas, where we check in with all things Commodity-related, specifically focusing on Gold trade set ups.

In the weekly updates, we cover the fundamental drivers moving the markets in the commodity world. We use technical takeaways from the charts and sentiment reads from the weekly COT reports, culminating in the identification of potential premium trading locations for the week ahead.

Since the its inception in October 2015, we have given readers a great feel for the Commodities markets, identifying and aligning well with dominant trends in the markets. From a trading perspective we issued three key trading ideas for the Commodities space.

  • Firstly we identified a high probability set up in the Yellow metal market, where we suggested shorting the corrective rally in Gold at the end of September. Our inaugural trade in the Commodities space developed favorably and we adjusted targets to increase returns as outlined in our November 12th report ‘Our Gold Shorts From 1190 To Test Key Support target’. Ultimately this trade netted 1100pips in profit from our original 200pip risk.

And the good news? From April 1st we will be offering Gold (XAUUSD) in our Trade Of The Day set up specifically for our Trader Bundle subscribers!

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