Get LittlefishFX Trader Bundle: Introducing Asia Alerts

Get LittlefishFX Trader Bundle: Introducing Asia Alerts

This is a daily signal service that is premised purely on daily price action. This strategy seeks to take advantage of higher time frame trading opportunities. As most know large institutional money is not trading the lower intra day time frames, watching every zig and zag on the five minute chart, they are solely focused on the daily open, high, low and close and when the daily close represents value they seek to engage the market to take take advantage of major market themes & trends. Trade will be issued in FX, Commodities & Indices.

With the introduction of LFX TOD Asia Alert we will be issuing a trading signal between 2100-2200hrs BST Monday – Thursday, traders can anticipate a signal to be issued at least three out of these four days. Signals will be issued with an entry level, stop level and target which will be a minimum of two times the initial trade risk. Stops should be moved to entry when price reaches one times initial risk.

The essence of this strategy is a set and forget play, for those who don’t have the requisite time to monitor markets TOD Asia Alert provides an opportunity to take advantage of premium trades. I suggest a conservative risk profile for this strategy risking no more than 0.5% per trade, this risk scale allows you to set the trades and forget about the outcome, get on will other activities and check back in at the following evening ready to execute the next alert.

We will be introducing  our Trade Of The Day Asia Alerts from May9th specifically for our Trader Bundle subscribers!


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