Daily & Intraday Trade Alerts H1 Update: 4,400pips+

LFX Daily & Intraday Trade Alerts Update

With mid-June upon us we wanted to take a moment to review the H1 performance of the two trade alert subscriptions offered by the pro traders at Littlefish FX, namely the Daily Setups and the Intraday.

As noted by most market participants and commentators – and as discussed in our FREE Live Trading Room on the LFX homepage – market volatility has compressed considerably in this time and may still have further compression ahead, as highlighted by Deutsche Bank below:

So how does this impact our trading strategies performance?

Well, knowing that the volatility crush is the current market theme, it means that our opportunity set is somewhat diminished and expectations are adjusted accordingly. Both strategies are trend-orientated plays, so the volatility compression means that we witness more false breaks and return-to-range price action than we would under periods of more normalised volatility.

As a result, the Daily Setups strategy has experienced a reduction in activity, but the equity curve remains stable and just off all-time highs with the pip P&L running at robust 4015pips (since Nov 2015). The recently introduced Intraday strategy had an extremely robust opening month; logging over 500pips in profit, but as with the Daily strategy has experienced a decline in its opportunity set and currently has a pip P&L of 427pips (since Feb 2017).

However, as with all market phases this one too shall pass. The secret to the strategies’ long-term success is the patience and discipline with the strategies signals are executed, and the good news is that from a seasonal perspective mid-to-late June has a tendency to see an uptick in volatility. We therefore stand stand ready to engage the market on both Daily & Intraday timescales when our strategy delivers a signal and the risk reward parameters meet our professional requirements.

Extension to trial periods

We like to think that here at LFX we are nothing if not fair with our customers, and as a result of the reduced trading activity we are extending the 14-day trials for the Intraday Alerts and re-introducing the 14-day trial for the Daily Setups. As we look forward to a profitable second half of the year we encourage you to take advantage of the no obligation 14-day trial for both our Daily & Intraday Alerts service that also provides you with daily London & New York reports and our Daily Setup analysis.

Got any questions about our trade alert subscription services? Feel free to ask head trader Patrick in the Live Trading Room on our homepage or email at editor@littlefishfx.com

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