LFX Trade Alerts: +3100 Pips Since Nov ’15

Since November 2015 our daily trade alerts have delivered 3100 pips. In this 8 month period we have had only one losing month with our alerts demonstrating a hit rate of 60%.

Consistent Methods, Consistent Profits. Low Risk, High Reward.

The methods we use to generate the trade ideas combine a fundamental overview with precise technical analysis  all within the context of positive risk:reward meaning that we always bank more than we risk.  This approach to trading allows us to be consistently profitable in the long run as losses incurred during any drawdown period are quickly regained by just a few winning trades as demonstrated when last month we suffered our only losing month of -500 pips, only to immediately recover these loss with 640 pips in June trading so far.

Unlike other trade alerts providers who trade with unsustainable levels of risk and as such constantly rotate between large winning months and large losing months, we pride ourselves on our risk:reward methodology and the consistency and low-volatility of our returns which have shown an average of 387 pips per month!

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If you are interested in learning more about the specific methods used in generating our trade alerts then join our pro trader Patrick Munnelly for this exclusive webinar event in which he details the precise methods he uses. Attendees to the event (non-subscribers) can also benefit from a two week trial to our alerts service.