September Forex Trade Alerts: +100 pips

Over a particularly low volume and low momentum month the Littlefish team once again delivered a solid return of 100 pips on our daily Forex trade alerts. Whilst trading signals were notoriously low over September as erosion of macro drivers led to a reduction in directional moves, our setups were able to still end the month in profit. Indeed, an article published in Bloomberg yesterday highlighted that currency traders have been experiencing their worst losing streak since 2011.

The post-Brexit stalemate which saw many markets contracting amidst the lack of anticipated volatility, alongside a reduction in US rate hike expectations, has created difficult conditions has many pairs have settled into tight ranges forcing us to be a little more tactical with our trade management.

However, with clear drivers now returning to the market into the final quarter of the year we are expecting a pick up in volatility and trend momentum, as seen currently with GBP. These conditions should present some clear opportunities and we are confident in a strong end to the year.

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