Setting the Clock to Zero on our Real-Time Daily Trade Alerts

Setting the Clock to Zero on our Real-Time Daily Trade Alerts

At Littlefish FX we are constantly seeking to demonstrate high performance trading in both analysis and our alert services.

Our Daily Setups & Trade Alerts service has been running for nearly two years and has been a consistently profitably approach to the markets since inception, delivering over 4000 pips in profit, amounting to 40% return on investment.

However, in the vein of pushing our performance and increasing the transparency of our execution and results, we are setting the clock back to zero on our performance monitoring by introducing a real-time performance monitoring page aligned to the product.

This performance page will give complete access to the Daily Alert trade log, showing our exact entry, exit and running totals for the month. This will give complete transparency to our strategies’ performance. So, after two very profitable years we are resetting the clock to zero and looking to build on past successes and demonstrate a consistently profitable approach to trading the foreign exchange markets.

This subscription service is available for £50-a-month with no contract and cancellable at any time, or at a reduced £33-a-month if committing to a 6-month subscription. Sign up here

For more information on the Trade of The Day: Daily Setups & Trade Alerts, read our FAQs page here


We’re also introducing Pay-per-Performance Intraday Alerts – read more here


Including Institutional Insights

Both our Daily & Intraday subscribers also benefit from access to our Institutional Insight updates from Tier One investment banks, providing their perspective on the Foreign Exchange markets from both their trading desks and technical analysis research teams. This allows subscribers to broaden their level of market access by understanding the positioning and perspectives of the big players.


Additional Market Map Updates

A further source of valued information is our Market Map updates. These emails/posts provide a technical view of USD FX majors, S&P500 Gold & Crude, helping with market context from a technical perspective and providing a view on trend and key market decision points allowing subscribers to have a broad market view on price pivots in play and technical areas of interest.

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