Quick Guide To: Forex Trade Alerts

Following a host of questions and feedback about our Forex trade alerts we decided to compile many of the queries we’ve had about the service and the alerts themselves to give any interested parties full insight into what they can expect.

About Our Methodology

Our general disclaimer for what you should expect from the alerts is as follows. You should expect to win maybe 50% of your trades in total on the long run of which your winners will be much larger than your losers leading to net-positive outcomes in the long-run. High risk signal services that deliver bumper gains often also suffer bumper losses due to poor risk: reward. Our trading methodology is designed to also benefit from positive risk:reward meaning that even with a low win rate we still come out on top.

Over any tracking period what you need to consider is not how many times the trades win or what result they produce because the specific period over which you monitor the Forex alerts could have been in highly trending markets or completely choppy markets and the performance would have been completely different, but more a sense of whether you understand the reasoning, the trades suit your style and you can follow them or use them to your advantage to place better trades.

Trader Bundle Features

London Forex Report: Key summary of economic developments ahead of the London open with technical outlook for the coming session. Delivered via email before 0800 GMT1
New York Forex Report: Key summary of economic developments ahead of the New York open with technical outlook for the coming session. Delivered via email before 1300 GMT1
Trade of the Day: Daily trade idea generated using key fundamental and technical analysis. Delivered via email before 0900GMT1
Trade of the Week: Weekly trade idea generated using key fundamental and technical analysis. Delivered via email before 0900GMT1 (Monday only)
Asia Alerts: Nightly signal given based on a pure price-action strategy. Delivered via email before 2200GMT1.
Trading Hub Access: Access to the LFX information dashboard which includes economic calendar, interactive charts, retail sentiment and the Live Trading Room. The LTR is where traders can access a stream of high level institutional research, trader commentary and flow reports on a daily basis as well as interact with other trades.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you say you are monitoring a level or watching price into a certain area, does that mean we should place an order to trade at the given level?

No, essentially the initial trade idea piece will reference an area that we are looking to trade at but are waiting to see price action confirmation at the level. If we start to see price action confirmation at the given level, an email alert will be sent out with the specific entry level, including stop loss and target. Unless specifically stated in the original trade idea (e.g BUY AUDUSD at .7560 stop .7460 target .78) all levels are simply potential trade locations, please then await further instruction by email

If you give a specific level to trade in the original trade idea, might the trader then change his mind and not take the trade and we would enter mistakenly?

No, all specific order instructions are followed through. If price action or event risk negates a trade idea, an email alert will be sent out explaining that the trade is cancelled.

You don’t specify a trade size in your trade ideas, how do we know what size to trade?

Trade risk comes down to personal preference. Our trade ideas are executed with a max risk of 0.5% per trade idea in line with our own risk profile.

Will there be times when a trade is exited before it hits its target?

Yes there are occasions when a trade is exited ahead of target. There are also occasions when a trade is held beyond target. Again, you will always be notified via email alert if there is any adjustment to the original trade instructions.

If I get an order to buy a pair when market is below the issued buy level, can I just enter there because I am getting a better price?

No, all trade levels given are specific levels for entry and are given for a valid reason. Please only enter at the specified trade levels. Any trades entered outside of the specific levels given are entered at the traders own discretion and performance is unrelated to the given trade idea.

Can I exit trades ahead of target or hold them longer than target if I wish?

You can certainly but again, these decisions would be made at your own discretion and so performance will be unrelated to the trade idea given. All trade ideas are given with the exact parameter for you to follow including entry price, stop loss and target. All subsequent trade management manoeuvres such as moving the stop, taking half off etc will be communicated via an email alert.

I saw a trade alert where price traded the stop loss level given but the trade remained in play, though mine was stopped out. How come?

Please make sure to always include your broker spread in addition to the specific trade levels. For example if a buy stop is given as .7191 and your broke spread on that pair is 2 pips, please adjust your stop to .7193. Our trade alerts followers use many different brokers with different spreads so we cannot advise for each trade but please remember to always factor your broker spread into your trade parameters to avoid these situations.

Do your trade alerts provide exact entries, exits, and stop losses?

Yes. All trade are given with precise parameters and any changes to trade parameters are issued via email update.

What have your drawdowns been?

To date the largest drawdown has been 320 pips

I live on the east coast of the US. Will your alerts be convenient for me to use?

Emails will start at approximately 4am

Do you use order flow strategies for your trades?

Trades are not specifically based on order flow though order flow is sometimes consulted.

Why does the Trade Of The Day not always trigger, isn’t the idea that we get a trade a day?

We provide a trade setup each day. Depending on how close the market is to the trade entry level, affects whether the trade triggers or that day or at a later point. Our LFX Asia Alert service which is a price-action based strategy, delivers one signal each night before 2200GMT1 in addition to both the Trade Of The Day and Trade Of The Week.


All comments, charts and analysis on this website are purely provided to demonstrate our own personal thoughts and views of the market and should in no way be treated as recommendations or advice. Please do not trade based solely on any information provided within this site, always do your own analysis. Read our full disclaimer here