Weekly COT Report: USD Longs Increase

C.F.T.C COT Data

  • USD aggregated net long positions increase 6% to 26.6Bln
  • EUR net spec shorts increases 8.6% to 14.8Bln
  • JPYshort positioning decreases 26% to 4.8Bln
  • AUD net shorts increases 51% to 2.5Bln

EURUSD Outlook – Bullish

  • Momentum presses higher
  • Index continue near highs
  • Strength, still negative
  • Order Flow Trader bearish


GBPUSD Outlook – Bullish 

  • Momentum ticks higher
  • Strength  ticks still negative
  • Index still positive ticks lower
  • Order Flow Trader bearish


USDJPY Outlook – Bearish

  • Momentum, now negative ticks lower
  • Strength still positive, ticks lower
  • Index crosses negative
  • Order Flow Trader bullish


USDCHF Outlook – Bearish

  • Momentum ticks up off lows
  • Strength ticks up off lows
  • Index ticks up off lows
  • Order Flow Trader bullish


AUDUSD Outlook – Bearish

  • Momentum ticks lower off highs
  • Strength presses lower
  • Index about to cross lower
  • Order Flow Trader bearish


USDCAD Outlook –  Bullish

  • Momentum about to cross positive
  • Strength presses higher
  • Index presses higher
  • Order Flow Trader bullish