LFX Prop Programme Open For 2018 Applicants

We are offering aspiring professional traders the opportunity to apply for a place on our Prop Trading Programme. As a successful Prop Trading Applicant you will be given the opportunity to work closely with our pro traders (those behind our Intraday alerts and Daily Setup alerts that have delivered over 4000 pips profit in 18 months).Should you successfully complete your mentoring programme you will qualify to earn a full-time Prop trading position at LFX, trading our capital on a profit share basis…

Using Order Flow Trader With Chart Patterns

Having a solid understanding of basic chart patterns is one of the best tools a trader can have in their arsenal. When most new traders look at a chart, all they see is random action and they are completely confused by what is happening on their screens. However, traders that have learnt to look for basic patterns repeating themselves are able to put price action into an understandable context and make actionable predictions based on expected outcomes.