10 bonus strategies added to our Forex Trading Course!

10 new strategies exclusively for our Forex Trading Course subscribers!

Great news for subscribers to our Forex Trading Course: we’ve added a brand new chapter to the course that provides 10 bonus Forex trading strategies to help further improve your Forex trading understanding and performance.

The new strategies encompass a wide range of FX techniques, including Order Flow, COT, VWAP, Pin Bar and Intraday. See below for the full list of new strategies only available to customers who have purchased our Forex Trading Course.

The 10 new strategies brings the total number of strategies available with our Forex Trading Course to 28! For a reminder of the existing strategies, see below for our full list included in the course.

Don’t forget the course also includes all our market-leading indicators (worth over £2,500) not to mention a host of associated trading plans, all included alongside 24 chapters of top educational content for traders of all abilities and experience.

It’s never been easier to get access to our Forex Trading Course, which is now available to buy as part of a 10-month payment plan at just £50 per month!

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All new Bonus Strategies:

Now added as new chapter 25

1. VWAP for Trading the Range
2. Dual VWAP, ATR & Simple Support or Resistance Breaks
3. High Probability Plays With COT, VWAP & Pin Bar Indicator
4. Weekly Implied COT & VWAP
5. Order Flow Trader & COT – Trading AUDUSD
6. GBPUSD Order Flow Trader With Multi-Timeframe Analysis
7. Combining COT & Order Flow Indicators
8. Simple Stochastics Strategy Using Order Flow Trader
9. RSI With Order Flow Trader
10. Intraday Pin Bars To Boost Your Bottom Line


Existing Course Strategies:

Market Minnow Strategies (Chapters 1-7)
1. PPP – Building a Balanced Portfolio
2. Pin Bars Strategy A
3. Engulfing Strategy
4. Inside Bars Breakout Strategy
5. Scaling In Strategy
6. Pin Bars Strategy B

Forex Flyer Strategies (Chapters 9-14)
7. Index (COT Report)
8. Strength (COT Report)
9. Momentum (COT Report)
10. Net Position (COT Report)
11. Open Interest (COT Report)
12. WILLCO (COT Report)
13. Inside Bars Breakout
14. Trend Line Trading

Trading Shark Strategies (Chapters 17-23)
15. Warm Up: What to Do Before Trading
16. Trending Vs. Trading Range Condition
17. Trading Range Break
18. Trend

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