Acceptance Of The Forex Mind

It was a long time in my Forex trading career when I found Acceptance of my Trading mind was one of the keys to unlocking my success in the Forex Markets.And a crucial part of discovering the profitable trader within me.

Please allow me to explain in some further detail.

In Forex we all know that our hopes and beliefs play a vital role in whether we are successful in becoming profitable or not for numerous reasons.But what about actual acceptance itself of our Trading decisions?

My own Acceptance in Trading now comes from the realization that all the answers to winning and losing in Forex are in a Currency price chart.Every single day they are there to find.

Therefore if I work from that theory that if iam having a losing day in the markets i can then accept that it was own fault because crucially i was unable to find the answers in front of me on a price chart.And vice-versa on a winning day I can actually congratulate myself that I then found the answers available to me and I was able to solve the Forex puzzle that day.

Screen shot 2015-06-24 at 10.33.27

The chart above is a classic example that all the answers are in a price chart if you look hard enough.

EURUSD came up to test the top Trendline attached to a previous breakout structure on the left hand side.┬áNot only did it test tested it to the pip and rejected it…a 700 pip trade for those who worked hard enough on the charts to spot it.

Screen shot 2015-06-24 at 10.35.31

A very recent example of GBPUSD.A rejection from the highest shoulder on the Trendline with a current gain of 200+ pips.Spike low of the left hand side attached to the previous right shoulder high candle.Price rejected it perfectly.

A vital tool in our trading is that Acceptance of our trading mind and ultimately acceptance our trading actions.

To Summarize

-All the answers are all laid before us on daily basis –

-We have to constantly evolve as traders to find them.

-We have to work extremely hard on the price chart to find the answers that are there.

-Acceptance that ultimately your trading success or failure is up to you in every instance and every win or loss is comes down to your own actions .

-This new found reality can motivate us to find the answers we are seeking in Forex.

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