Forex Trading Tutorials

Traders who are looking to take an independent approach to learning to trade can benefit from studying Forex trading tutorials. These materials allow the trader to study at their own pace and develop their understanding based on applying learned methods to the markets. There are different types of tutorials that traders can learn from such as fundamental forex trading tutorials, technical forex trading tutorials, course style materials and interactive Forex trading tutorials.

Fundamental forex trading tutorials

These trading tutorials are designed to help traders learn how to develop trading ideas based on fundamental inputs from economic indicators. Typically, traders will learn which news events are the most market moving, the different ways these indicators’ performance can be interpreted and how to position based on specific outcomes. Whilst some traders trade only using fundamental inputs, many traders look to combine a fundamental understanding of the market with a technical overlay which allows them to enter trades based on a bias established on fundamental reasons.


Technical Forex Trading Tutorials

These trading tutorials are designed to help traders learn how to study and analyse price movement on charts with a view to identifying trading opportunities. These trading tutorials typically revolve around classic forms of study and analysis such as price action reading, support and resistance, trend line analysis, Fibonacci analysis and more. These tutorials will also teach traders how to build indicators into their analysis and trading such as moving averages, momentum indicators, volume and others. Many traders will make the majority of their trading decisions based on technical inputs and so finding quality technical forex trading tutorials should be a priority for new traders.


Course Tutorials

Whilst many trading tutorials are available as independent products based on certain indicators or strategies traders can also purchases full course materials. These course based forex trading tutorials provide a complete study program for traders looking to develop an all-encompassing understanding of the forex markets whilst still able to learn at their own pace and according to their own schedule. Course materials again can be fundamental based, technical based or both.

At littlefish FX our forex trading course covers absolutely everything needed to trade the forex markets from basic fundamentals right through to advanced technical strategies and also contains useful sections on risk management, trading plans and performance tracking. The course also contains a raft of different strategies based on specific course sections as well as our complete indicator range worth over £2,500.

Interactive Trader Tutorials

Whilst some traders do indeed prefer to study and learn independently, some traders find it more beneficial to study under the guidance of a trading professional who acts as a mentor. Being able to learn from a pro trader in an environment where you can interact and ask questions as well as receive help, is clearly very advantageous to forex trading success and many traders who choose thus route often reach profitability quicker than their peers to study alone.

With that in mind we recently launched the Pro trader package.  This service option is designed to cater for traders who wish to benefit from live weekly strategy sessions with our pro traders as well as access to our daily forex trade alerts. In each weekly session our pro traders highlight technical setups for the week ahead as well as conducting a review of the prior week’s performance, alongside this they discuss their strategy and approach to the markets and also answer any questions you might have and give help where needed.

As you can see there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing forex trading tutorials and traders need only consider the amount of time they have to dedicate to learning and in which manner they feel they learn most efficiently.