Make Money Trading, Win Or Lose, With Cash Back Forex

  • Want to earn cash rebates from each trade you place?
  • Want to get paid to trade regardless of whether your trade wins or loses?

One of the biggest issues facing new traders is the cost of learning to trade. And when we say learning to trade, we don’t just mean the money that must be invested in proper education, or the cost of purchasing reliable indicators.

To really develop as a trader, real money has to be at stake in order for the trader to develop the proper psychological infrastructure required to be a successful trader, which cannot be achieved through demo or paper trading.

However, the event of losing money can be very hard for new traders to deal with initially and can impede the learning process, especially if the trader’s risk capital cannot be easily replaced.

So what if there was a way to make money from trading; win or lose, essentially subsidising the learning process? With Cash Back Forex there is.

What Is Cash Back Forex?     

  • Cash Back Forex offers the trader rebates on their trading volume regardless of whether they win or lose.
  • It’s the largest and most sought after broker marketing tool on the web and with volume far exceeding all other rebate providers combined, Cash Back Forex delivers unparalleled rebate rates and service and will beat any competitor rate.

Best Things About It

  • Make money from every trade which increases your wins and cuts your losses
  • Spreads and Trading conditions completely unaffected
  • Can make even more money by referring friends
  • Compatible with up to 30 brokers
  • Littlefish FX indicators are compatible with these brokers
  • Voted #No. 1 rebate provider since 2008

How Does It Work

  • When you open a trading account through Cash Back Forex, they earn a commission from your broker for each trade you place. From this commission Cash Back Forex in turn pay you cash for each trade you place.
  • Your spreads and trading conditions DO NOT change, they remain the same as if you had opened an account directly with the broker. The only difference is that a client that opens their account through Cash Back Forex gets extra cash for each trade.
  • Refer friends and earn commission on their rebates, and if they refer friends you earn commission from their rebates ALSO (up to three tiers deep).

You can have a go at working out your savings here:

This is an incredibly valuable resource for aspiring traders and can really help to offset the cost of learning to trade whilst boosting your profits on winning trades, allowing you to really focus on honing your trading development without worrying about the financial side.

The added potential to derive income from a referral network is also a really exciting opportunity to have and certainly one that traders both new and seasoned, can take advantage of.

Sign up now

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Any questions?

Contact us here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or head to the Cash Back Forex FAQ page.

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