Video: RTAS Order Book Analysis

RTASTitleHere at Littlefish FX we pride ourselves on brevity. We value keeping things simple, sharp and brief. Which is why when we decided to produce an intro video, we challenged ourselves to keep it under 60 seconds. And boy did we manage it (sort of…). Not seen it yet? Check out our Intro vid here.

But some things take a little longer than 60 seconds to explain, like how toast always lands butter side down. Or how Boris Johnson has managed to get himself into a position of authority. Or, to get back on topic, like our RTAS Order Book Analysis. And that’s not because it’s difficult, we assure you, but simply because we want you to understand it straight off the bat. And we’re convinced that you will.

If you’re a regular at Littlefish FX you’ll have heard us mention Order Book Analysis a lot, but there’s still plenty to get from this video even if you’re a complete newbie. We discuss the COT Report, Stochastic Crossovers, ATR Indicators and Pivot Points. Sounds good? Then press the little play button below…

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