Trader Surgery Session: First Come First Served!

Trader Surgery Session First Come First Served

Most of you are aware that we provide budding traders/money managers the opportunity to trade our capital with the potential of managing a 50,000 GBP account on a profit share basis. This means you get to execute your trading strategy with zero risk and an opportunity to benefit from the profit potential of your strategy with a generous split of all trading profits. We currently have two seats left on the current programme.

By way of introduction to this opportunity we are offering the first five respondents to this post a one-on-one session with our Head Trader for the Prop Team, Patrick Munnelly. This one-on-one session will serve as introduction to the Prop Trading opportunity and a Trader Surgery Session whereby Patrick will cover any key issues you are struggling with, technical or mental, on your journey to consistent profitability.

Recent market activity has been frustrating for many less experienced traders, the low volatility environment leads to tricky trading conditions and retail traders find these periods treacherous to navigate, often giving back hard won gains in choppy conditions with the market offering little follow through for directional strategies.

The underpinning to Patrick’s success as a trader is his adherence to one of his key trading tenants of capital preservation ahead of profit. Many less experienced market operators often confuse the notion of being a trader and executing trades as being synonymous, falsely believing that being a trader means you must constantly engage the market.

This misconception is one of the key reasons that 95% of retail traders liquidate their accounts. Patience and discipline are simple concepts but not easy principles to live by on a daily basis. It is concepts such as these that Patrick teaches and trains our Prop Traders in.

One student from our Class of 2017 has this to say of his programme so far:

“My mentor is great. While I’m not even a quarter of the way through my mentor’s tailored program, I can already see how radically different his perspective is from what you typically are taught. I’ve begun to see and understand how important underlying order-flow is to market-movement, and I’m already being equipped with technical and analytical knowledge that’s put me a step-above the typical retail trader, allowing me to view market data from the lens of a professional trader.”

Brandon Radford, Prop Programme 2017

For testimonials from last year’s Prop traders, head to our Prop Trading sign-up page here.

To learn more and discuss trading concepts that you find challenging take advantage of our limited offer and secure your 45min one on one session NOW!

If you’re interested in claiming 1 of 5 Trader Surgery sessions with Patrick, email with ‘Trader Surgery’ in your subject line

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