By popular demand: Order Flow Indicators On MT4!

At Littlefish FX we pride ourselves on our efforts to provide quality and value to those just beginning their trading journeys, but also in providing really effective tools and strategies that can be used by both new and seasoned traders alike.

It is in this regard that we are really excited to announce that, after a lot of deliberation and development, we are now offering our market-leading Order Flow indicators on MT4, giving you both our Order Flow Trader & Psych Indicator on the popular Metatrader 4 platform. Of course, all indicators come included in our Forex Trading Course.

Why Is This So Exciting?

A huge amount of the feedback we had on the indicators was that they were fantastic, but couldn’t we offer them on MT4? CEO Sam Barry’s initial reaction wasn’t exactly warm, and he makes no attempt to hide the fact that he’s not the biggest fan of the MT4 platform (preferring NinjaTrader and MetaStock). But after some discussion, more feedback and even more demand from you guys, he’s agreed.

Sam says: “Well we had to in the end. It’s taken us a while to get these indicators working properly on MT4 but here is our initial stab. Unlike some platforms that can cope with it we have made some work around to the data problems but the MT4 versions of our indicators work like the others. I will freely admit that data on NinjaTrader and Metastock is far better and if you can use them I would advise it, but we now offer a really viable alternative for a free platform to get you going with minimal cost: which really fits the Littlefish FX way. Link this to Cash Back Forex (see below) so you don’t incur some of the MT4 implied costs in your trading and you will have a great little starter setup.”

You asked, we delivered

So here, by popular demand, are our Order Flow indicators on MT4. Remember all indicators come included in our Forex Trading Course. All the material we have produced thus far showing OFT on NinjaTrader has the exact same application on MT4. Be sure to purchase our Forex Trading Course for detailed explanations of the Order Flow indicators and full trading strategies and plans complete with video material.

Still unsure? Try before you buy

We’re also giving you the chance to trial the indicators included in the course, in an exclusive try-before-you-buy promotion that will allow you to witness the power of our indicators, particularly when used in conjunction with our comprehensive Forex Trading Course.

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