About our Forex Trading Course

Looking for a comprehensive trading course?
Finding your feet in the Forex world?
Are you a seasoned veteran wanting to brush up on your advanced strategies?
Whatever your trading experience and skill set, our Forex Trading Course can help you succeed in Forex trading. Read on to find out more…

About Our FX Trading Course

Designed by traders, for traders, our Forex Trading Course is suitable for traders of all experience, whether you’re a Forex newbie or a seasoned veteran.
In 24 chapters of carefully curated material, it covers absolutely everything you need to succeed in Forex trading – from FX basics right through to Order Flow techniques used to trade millions.
Alongside our comprehensive educational chapters, we provide you with all the trading plans, indicators and strategies required to gain a comprehensive understanding of the techniques used by the traders here at Littlefish FX.
Enjoyable and user-friendly, our course is delivered in a simple to use online format, with no download or additional software required.

BONUS: Our course price also includes market-leading FX indicators worth over £2,500, a FREE mentoring session with our trading team and FREE 30-day access to our Trading Hub, making it the best value Forex course you’ll find!

What’s Included?

● 24 chapters of comprehensive educational material
● Leading Forex indicators worth over £2,500 (including Pin Bar Indicator, COT Indicator, Psych Indicator, Order Flow Volume and Delta Suite and Order Flow Trader for Metastock and NinjaTrader, plus a NEW MT4 Indicator Package!)
● NB – our indicators come in a single install package making installation super quick and easy!
● Step-by-step downloadable PDF Trading Plans to use instantly
● 18 Trading Strategies, from Beginner to Advanced
● Video Strategies
● Trade Examples
Of course, you can also reach our team via social media and email if you need help with absolutely any aspect of the course or your trading.

What’s Covered In The FX Trading Course?

Our Forex Trading Course is split into three sections to help you navigate your way through each stage at a time. New to FX? You’ll start from Lesson 1. Market veteran? You can skip to our Trading Shark section for advanced education and strategies. And the added bonus of our online format is that all our lessons will be easily available to you at any time if there’s something you need a refresher on while you’re trading.


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Our Forex Trading Course is priced at £499, making it one of the most affordable and value-for-money Forex courses you’ll find.

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey from Market Minnow to Trading Shark today!


Course will be instantly available via log in. NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED!

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Why Littlefish FX?

At Littlefish FX, we’ve spent years building innovative and cutting-edge Order Flow systems to give us a bank-level view of the FX market. Our systems give us a distinct competitive edge which we leverage to help individuals learning about, investing in and trading FX. Find out more about Littlefish FX