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Thanks, and happy trading…

You have reached the end of the exciting but challenging path towards the Order Flow and Volume trading world. During this course, you have been introduced to the most important tools for trading strategies based on Order Flow and Volume data.

The majority of newbies to the trading world continually look for the most complicated strategies and tools in an effort to find their “Holy Grail”. The problem with this, though, is that there is no Holy Grail to trading: every trader must build a trading style that is suitable for his characteristics.

All of your experience and any pro traders you meet will teach you something, and this will help you develop a trading style.

Order Flow and Volume analysis are powerful tools for traders, providing an insight into what happens in the market. This course has shown a professional way to face the financial market, exploiting Flow and Volume information.

Now, it is time for you to apply what you have learnt and create the best trading approach for you. To conclude, remember these two vital points:

1)          The importance of quality of data: Many commercial platforms and brokers provide Order Flow and Volume data, but the quality is often poor. It’s impossible to perform a profitable analysis using poor quality data, so it’s worth investing in the use of a professional data feed.

2)        Money Management: The most powerful trading strategy will not turn a profit if it is not accompanied by good money management rules. The key points to a good money management system are:

  • Reduce risk using strict stop losses.
  • Let trades run for as long as possible using a good reward system.
  • Keep your reward : risk ratio at at least 2:1.
  • Don’t average losses: remember to close out losing trades.

Now go out there and try for yourself. We’re always keen to hear from you about how you’re getting on with your trading, along with any feedback you may have. Contact us on twitter here @LittlefishFX or by email here. And be sure to keep an eye on future webinars, events and educational articles on the site – we’re always happy to take requests on what you’d like us to cover.

Thanks for taking our course,

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