Frequently Asked Questions (Preview)

Before you delve in head first, have a read of our Frequently Asked Questions to ensure you know what to expect…

How should I use this course?
Read these tips  for the ideal route map for how to master this course.

Who is this course for?
– We have designed this course to suit as wide an audience as possible, however the key caveat we would give is that it is for people who will work at this: we won’t promise you the world but we will work with you to help you achieve and improve.

Why aren’t you promising the Holy Grail like every body else?
– There is actually more chance of finding a real-life Indiana Jones to track down the actual Holy Grail for you than there is of stumbling upon the perfect trading system that traders seem determined to discover.

I’ve been doing this for years. What will it take for me to make money from FX trading?
– A lot of hard work, a lot of effort, some real soul searching to find out the type of person you really are, and a very good mentor. And aside from that, a decent trading platform and some resilient technology.

What platform will I require to use the accompanying course indicators?
– This course includes the following indicators: the relevant platforms are in brackets

LFX Order Flow

    • (NinjaTrader)

LFX Order Flow

    • (MetaStock)

LFX Order Flow Trader & Psych Indicator

    • (MT4 Indicators Package)

Order Flow Volume & Delta Suite

    •  (NinjaTrader)

COT Indicator

    • (NinjaTrader)

Psych Indicator

    • (NinjaTrader)

Pin Bar Indicator

    • (NinjaTrader)

COT Implied Positions

    • (NinjaTrader)

COT Multi System

    • (NinjaTrader)

ATR Boundaries


PLEASE NOTE: NinjaTrader indicators will ask you for a license after a week of usage. When prompted to do this, you will need to drop us a message at with your machine ID for us to provide you with a full license.

How do I get my machine ID for the NinjaTrader indicators?
– To get your machine ID: In NinjaTrader’s Control Center, select Help and then 3rd Party Licensing. Type in LittlefishFX as the Vendor name, and some additional ID such as your initials in the User defined ID box.

Why do you change between NinjaTrader and Metastock?
– We like the benefits of both and unfortunately there is no way to combine them at the moment. Metastock has incredible access to bank style data feeds (there is a reason banks win more than you and that reason is informational and operational advantages) and NinjaTrader is a beautiful thing to programme on and create your own workspace on. You’ll see that we use both effectively throughout this course.

How much can I genuinely expect to make from Forex trading?
– This is always a tough question. Out of the total population of Forex traders in the world, there are very few who are millionaires. Think of it like football players: there are a fair few in the Premier League who earn a lot. Then of those Premier League players, there are those who make anything from £1,000 per week to £300,000 per week. But now consider the total number of footballers or people who try to become footballers in the world. It’s a small amount who succeed, but they typically have a few things in common: dedication, hard work, sacrifice and commitment to their dream.

What should I expect from FX trading?
– It’s a very passionate hobby with a lot of opinionated people. We often say you need thick skin as typically FX interactions are online and people seem to forget they are talking to real people when it is over the Internet. It can be tough and it will be a rollercoaster of emotions. You will play tricks on yourself and it will be difficult. But it can be extremely rewarding both in monetary terms as well as personal terms.

Will you be giving out the secrets behind your systems?
– No!

So what will you be giving away with the course?
– Everything you need and then some to trade profitably. Indicators, trading plans, strategies etc… to be honest, though, the most important thing you will get is the ability to get a slice of our time. People who sign up to the course will get great opportunities to interact with us.

Why do you charge for the course?
– Quite simply, because it costs us to run it.

Why don’t you do an interesting model like 20% of our ongoing performance fees?
– Because we would never make enough money off it to cover our costs. Additionally, it would result in giving away hundreds of free copies for the potential of only a few to ever repay us. That’s not due to the quality of our material but down to the simple fact that most simply don’t have the patience, are distracted by other commitments or follow typical drop off rates chasing the holy grail of trading.

What ongoing support will you give me?
– As much as you need. We will set up regular events (webinars etc) to help people but the most important thing is to interact with us over social media or via email and we will help you as much as we can.

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