Introduction Letter from the CEO (Preview)

Hi guys,

Thank you for purchasing our Littlefish FX course. Before we get started I wanted to give you a quick intro to guide you through what you’re going to be taught.

Sam1You see, over the past ten years I have studied the financial markets, I have worked in banks, and I have built a company that trades and develops advanced trading systems.

And although we have made undoubted great progress over these past years, I have still managed to make almost every mistake going in trading, and I suspect I am no different to you. I tried various courses, strategies and tried to absorb pretty much every piece of information I could. Thankfully, some of the good bits stuck, and my team and I now successfully trade billions each month.

So all that we hope to do in this course is give you a guide to everything I think you need in order to be a successful Forex trader. We will take you from the very basics, up to the more advanced techniques, indicators and favoured strategies – although I will admit we will stop short of giving you the models we use in our funds and trading systems (we’re not feeling that generous). For a better idea of how I think you should use this course, read the next chapter and view my video below.

When it comes to what platforms we’ll be using, I will be honest right now: despite its popularity I’m not the biggest fan of the MT4 platform, and so most of the material and images we use are from Metastock or NinjaTrader; but we do offer our products on MetaTrader 4 now. Whilst we can’t get them exactly like the more professional platforms, they do at least get you 90% of the way there in most cases. I am personally unlikely to ever recommend MT4 but there are some good reasons for using it especially early on, so whilst I will recommend both NinjaTrader and MetaStock as our preferred platforms (follow those links to find out why), we will endeavor to do the Littlefish thing and support as many platforms as we possibly can.

One thing it is worth considering (especially whilst you are learning) is some of the rebate models out there. Costs are a killer for a retail trader, and whilst learning it’s good to get as much of these back as you can. We personally use Cash Back Forex, which are worth checking out.

I always said that if we did this I would want to arm you with all the tools as well, so at the beginning there is an option to download all of our leading tools and indicators, as well as links to brokers and platforms so you can access absolutely everything we use on a daily basis.

If you have any outstanding questions about this course, make sure you check our FAQs page. And if that doesn’t answer you, be sure to get in touch.

Right enough from me – let’s get into this.


Sam Barry
CEO & Founder
Littlefish FX

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