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Naturally, we think our Forex Trading Course, website, webinars and educational resources are pretty great. But don’t take our word for it – read our Testimonials and see what some of our customers had to say…

Forex Trading Course

“Sam Barry and his team have crafted the complete Forex trading package with the Littlefish FX Forex Trading Course. The course features three sections and appendices. It begins in Section 1 with an introduction from Sam Barry (CEO and Founder) as well as an introduction to the world of forex, trading plans, psychology, how to avoid over trading, risk management, charting & candlesticks, technical & fundamental analysis and ends with several actual trading strategies that also use proprietary indicators supplied with the course.”
-TradeLikeAnExpert.com. Read the full independent review of our Forex Trading Course here

“I’m really enjoying the education and indicators – the first part of the course was a nice refresher for someone familiar with price action trading whilst the second part has really opened my eyes to the world of the institutional trader and the methods they employ. Well written with a little wit and dry humour for good measure.”
-Paul Rosanoski

“There’s a lot to study and practice, but the course is certainly beneficial. The indicators look very promising and I’m impressed by the possibilities offered.”
-Markus Uuppo

“Thanks to the team for the quality of the Forex course – I’m very glad to be involved in this programme.”
-Stephane Muffat-Joly

“The course is well structured with a lot of clear examples and a good mix of technical and fundamental strategies. Keep up the good work!”
-Werner Huybrecht

“I’ve been trading for over 7 years and even in the first 5 lessons I have already learnt so much that I hadn’t thought of before. I never saw trading in the perspectives you’ve been sharing in the course – so a huge thank you from me. I love the quirky humour littered through the course – just the right amount so that the course remains mainly serious, but has these little fun bits to keep me entertained.”
-Muneer Ilyas

“The course is very well thought out, clearly explained and honest. It is the second course I have bought, and it is by far the better of the two. Plus, it was at a reasonable price which includes your indicators (which are worth the course price alone). I have learnt a lot more about Forex and the industry in general through the course, and have had a couple of ‘Eureka!’ moments along the way.”
-Christopher Johnston

“A great course overall.”
-Peter Luu

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Forex Indicators

“I am most impressed with COT and Order Flow indicator (confluent) method on daily timeframe, as mentioned at the end of the Forex Trading Course.”
– Suhas Shinde

“These indicators are probably some of the best I’ve seen for Forex. I use order flow in futures but there it is much easier to profile the activity, this is the first time Ive seen anything come close in Forex”
– Ryan Smith

LFX Website

“The website is great visually with relevant and useful content which is updated regularly. I like the breakdown of Learn, Trade, Invest and Spend – something different that I haven’t seen on similar sites.”
-Christopher Johnston

Prop Trading Programme

“My tutor has taught me to learn to tell a story with the chart with proper trend line base analysis. He taught me about finding the linear trend on the chart and many other things. Overall I have gained the knowledge and anticipation to apply the skills gained so far.”
-Olufemi Oyeniyi

“I have gained a deep understanding of how the price action reacts in real time market conditions, and also understand the importance of trend lines. Also I have been taught that the money will always come provided you should have a calculated reasons for making decisions.”
-Olufemi Oyeniyi

“I want to say a big thank you to all the Littlefish team, especially to my teacher, who at this point I would say is a genius! The teaching has been educational and informative so far.”
-Olufemi Oyeniyi

“My experience of trading educators is mixed, as the traders that can trade invariably can not teach and those people that are good at teaching are only good for regurgitating material that is freely available on the Internet. In my LFX tutor I think I have found a great trader that I can relate to and speaks to me in a way that I feel I understand what he’s trying to get me to see and do.”
-Neville Hornsey

“My tutor can empathise with how I am thinking and how I may be reacting to trading situations – especially a bad one – correcting how I think about things and how I set myself up for the day. This is what I have been looking for and I am grateful to speak to him each morning.”
– Neville Hornsey

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“Thank you so much Nathan, best hour spent learning in months. I will be in touch.”
Myron Williams

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Sam’s NinjaTrader Webinars

“I take my hat off to Sam – for an ‘on and off’ newbie like me that was the best ever informative and simplistic webinar.”
-Rajnikant Vasani

“I enjoyed the presentation that Sam gave – it was different than a lot of similar webinars I have seen which is refreshing in itself. And Littlefish’s Forex Course is wildly affordable – I cannot rectify the price with a single other similar product I have seen.”
-Josh Eror

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