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Some useful tips on how to use this course…

It goes without saying that we’ve tried our best to make sure this course flows the best it can, and leads logically from one step to the next. But the truth is that everyone learns differently, and all have a different level of prior knowledge and experience.

With that in mind then, you might find it easier to skip certain sections, go over sections time and time again, or even return to the start every now and then too. Do whatever you find easiest, just make sure you understand each chapter fully before you progress – there’s simply no point in skipping to the end and then finding yourself staring blankly at your screen.

Here’s our suggested route to mastering this course:

  • Read lessons 1 – 16 and understand them. If you need to go back over lessons time and time again, do it. But do not move on to 17 until you’re completely ready.
  • The techniques in lessons 1- 16 will make you money consistently. We know, because we used them to make money when we first started out. But a lot of trading is finding your advantage and in lesson 17 we give you an informational advantage that will allow you to really thrive.
  • Master lesson 17. Don’t even think of delving further into detailed Order Flow theory if you’re not comfortable with the basics.
  • Once you’re happy, it would really pay to go back to lessons 5 – 14 again. This will allow you to use your new skills and expertise to really up your game and improve performance.
  • Look to improve stops and entries using candlestick, channel, support and resistance and breakout technique, then get to specific entry and stop placement using order flow and volume analysis. But to be consistent, avoid chop and place the tighter risk controls that you need to master some of the support and resistance techniques
  • Then, and only when you are a consistent trader, head to 18 – 23. Make no mistake, nailing this stuff will get you a prop trading job. If you find yourself doing just that – get in touch, we’ll certainly want to hear from you.

For more on what you will – and, just as importantly, won’t – get from this course, view the video below…

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