Trading Shark

You’ve Outgrown The Pond And Mastered Choppy Seas, Now’s The Time To Thrive In The Forex Oceans. After racing through our Market Minnow and Forex Flyer courses, you’re ready to mix with the trading pros through our Order Flow techniques and strategies, including the following:

17. Go with the Flow

In the last decade, market data has become more accessible than ever before. Because of this, Order Flow techniques have gained momentum as more and more traders have begun to use them as tools for reading the market. So, what is Order Flow trading?

18. Pump up the Volume (Profile)

There are a wide range of tools that we can use for Order Flow analysis, but let’s begin with the Volume Profile concept first, built on the famous Market Profile created by J. Peter Steidlmayer...

19. Volume Profile + Candlesticks

The majority of traders, from newbies to professionals, generally know about candlestick patterns. However, there are some techniques that we like to use that are not as well developed in the trading community. Here's our time to share...

20. VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)

Following on from Volume Profiles, it’s time to look at another strategy for Order Flow and Volume Trading: Volume Weighted Average Price - or VWAP, for short. VWAP is the key to understanding the distribution of volume...

21. Delta (Book Pressure)

Following on from the VWAP, it’s time for us to take it one step further. The next aspect of Order Flow and Volume Trading we want to look at is Delta (Book Pressure), the key to catching the imbalance of the book...

22. Delta Speed

Introducing Delta Speed: a “compass” to guide traders in the intraday trading world...

23. Constant Volume Bars

It can be difficult to choose a method to plot market data, as there is such a wide range of solutions available. In this lesson, we'll address this difficulty, focusing on Constant Volume Bars and why they are useful.

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