Littlefish Forex Trading Course (+ FX Indicators) – Old Version.

– 24 chapters of comprehensive educational material

– Leading Forex indicators worth over £2,500

– Step-by-step downloadable PDF trading plans

– 18 trading strategies, from Beginner to Advanced

– Video strategies and trade examples

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Designed by traders, for traders, the Littlefish FX Forex Trading Course covers absolutely everything you need to succeed in Forex Trading!

In 24 chapters of carefully curated material, it leads you from FX basics all the way through to Order Flow techniques used to trade millions.

Enjoyable and user-friendly, our course is delivered in a simple to use online format, with no download or additional software required.

BONUS: Our course price also includes market-leading FX indicators worth over £2,500, making it the best value Forex course you’ll find!

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– Read CEO Sam Barry’s intro letter covering what you’ll get from the course and how best to use it to achieve optimum trading results.

– Read testimonials from current course users to find out just how popular and highly-rated our course has been with our readers.

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Course Modules


1 – 8: Market Minnow – Because Even Sharks Start As Little Fish…

Start off your Forex trading with our introduction course, including the following:

Introduction Letter from the CEO (free to read)
Littlefish FX founder and CEO provides a short intro to the course.
Testimonials (free to read)
Read testimonials from current course users to find out just how popular highly-rated our course has been.
How to use this course
It goes without saying that we’ve tried our best to make sure this course flows the best it can, and leads logically from one step to the next. But the truth is that everyone learns differently, and all have a different level of prior knowledge and experience. So here’s Sam’s preferred route to mastering this course…
Frequently Asked Questions
Before you delve in head first, have a read of our FAQ’s to ensure you know what to expect…
Download your free indicators
Get all course indicators, recommended platforms & brokers and strategies…
1. The obligatory introduction bit
Your journey to becoming a Trading Shark begins now. Step up for your market basics. Don’t know your pips from your pairs? Worry not, let’s get going…
2. Plan, plan…and plan some more!
If you want to succeed in this game, you’re going to need a watertight plan. And then you need to stick to it no matter what. Here’s how you go about doing just that.
3. Running the Risk
This ain’t no game, so don’t ‘play’ with money you can’t afford to lose. Here are our top tips on risk management when trading.
4. Be smart – consult your chart
The markets have a history of repeating themselves. Which is why it’s important to know how to effectively read your charts. Because the markets have a history of repeating themselves…
5. See the light – know your candlesticks
If you’ve read the first few chapters of this course, you’ll have no doubt noticed a few references to candlesticks. This has nothing to do with celebrating anyone’s birthday, but in fact is a key technique used to shed light on your chart.
6. Getting Technical
Used properly, the right indicators can be one of your biggest FX allies. Here we go through your new technical buddies that will help you nail your strategies.
7. Fundamentally, dear Watson
So we’ve looked at the charts, and swotted up on technical analysis and indicators. So it’s probably about time that we looked closely at the other key driver of FX markets. Bring out your inner news junkie – it’s Fundamental analysis.
8. Strategy Time 1
If you’ve done the legwork and read through the previous chapters (or you haven’t but are keen and confident anyway), then it’s time for the exciting stuff – trading strategies.

9 – 16: Forex Flyer – From Little Fish To Flying Fish, Prepare To Sail Through Deeper Waters Of FX…

After progressing through our Market Minnow course, you’re ready to earn your FX wings and become a Forex Flyer, including the following:

9. Get with the trend
You’ve navigated the shallow waters of FX, now it’s time to get a little deeper. We’ll build on the basics you’ve learnt in the Market Minnow course, starting with the concepts of trend and momentum…
10. Tune in to Channels
Sticking with the theme of trend, it’s time to further boost your armoury with another technique – so tune in to a little something we call trend channels…
11. Bending time(frames)
Now it’s time for you to start thinking a little bit wider than just one currency pair on a specific timeframe, allowing you to really build a bigger picture of what price is telling you…
12. Trading support & resistance
Assumption and repetition might not sound like a formula for success. But at a most basic level, they lie at the heart of technical analysis and the concept of Support and Resistance.
13. Breakout the controversy
Strap yourself in folks, because we’ve reached the subject of breakouts. Often one of the first strategies you’ll learn as a trader, they’re also one of the most controversial – here’s why it’s still worth learning…
14. Commit to COT
Wouldn’t it be great to get access to a list of trades made by institutional traders and corporates each week, to understand their workings? Wonderfully, that’s exactly what the COT report is.
15. Strategy time 2: COT
We’ve got so many strategies for you that we’re splitting the chapter in two. First up, we’re sticking with the COT Report, and giving you the perfect strategies to use with the help of our COT Indicator…
16. Strategy time 3: Inside Bars Breakout, Trend line Trading
An extra chapter dedicated solely to more strategies. Lucky you. Once again we’re using the topics and concepts covered in this Forex Flyer course and providing specific strategies for you to try yourself.

17 – 24: Trading Shark – You’ve Outgrown The Pond And Mastered Choppy Seas, Now’s The Time To Thrive In The Forex Oceans…

After acing through our Market Minnow and Forex Flyer courses, you’re ready to mix with the trading pros through our Order Flow techniques and strategies, including the following:

17. Go with the flow
In the last decade, market data has become more accessible than ever before. Because of this, Order Flow techniques have gained momentum as more and more traders have begun to use them as tools for reading the market. So, what is Order Flow trading?
18. Pump up the Volume (Profile)
There are a wide range of tools that we can use for Order Flow analysis, but let’s begin with the Volume Profile concept first, built on the famous Market Profile created by J. Peter Steidlmayer.
19. Volume Profile + Candlesticks
The majority of traders, from newbies to professionals, generally know about candlestick patterns. However, there are some techniques that we like to use that are not as well developed in the trading community. Here’s our time to share.
20. VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)
Let’s look at another strategy for Order Flow and Volume Trading: Volume Weighted Average Price – or VWAP, for short. VWAP is the key to understanding the distribution of volume.
21. Delta (Book Pressure)
Following on from the VWAP, it’s time for us to take it one step further. The next aspect of Order Flow and Volume Trading we want to look at is Delta (Book Pressure), the key to catching the imbalance of the book.
22. Delta Speed
Introducing Delta Speed: a “compass” to guide traders in the intraday trading world.
23. Constant volume bars
It can be difficult to choose a method to plot market data, as there is such a wide range of solutions available. In this lesson, we’ll address this difficulty, focusing on Constant Volume Bars and why they are useful.
24. Strategy time 4: Order Flow & Volume
Now that all the pieces of the puzzle are in place, it’s time to focus on trading strategies. All of the tools described in the previous lessons can provide a powerful trading system, but only if you combine them correctly. Traders who are able to coordinate Order Flow and Volume indicators in the right way will be able to understand the market dynamics and take advantage of this knowledge.
Bonus: Professional Performance Monitoring
In this bonus lesson, we aim to give you a better understanding of how the big boys like hedge funds and banks measure the performance of a trader or a system. They are simple enough to implement and start using yourself.

Appendices: Full Archive Of Trading Strategies & Plans + Forex Glossary

Appendix 1: Complete Trading Strategies Archive
In this Appendix, we’ve compiled all the Trading Strategies included in the course, from Market Minnow right through to Trading Shark. So read on to start putting what you’ve learnt into practice.
Appendix 2: Video Strategies & Trade Examples
A selection of trade examples and video strategies to help explain many of the trades we discuss throughout the course.
Appendix 3: Trading Plans
A collection of intricate and detailed trading plans aligned to some of the strategies you’ve learned about on the course.
Appendix 4: Forex Glossary
A glossary of many of the Forex terms used throughout this course.
Conclusions from Sam – FREE to read
You have reached the end of the exciting but challenging path towards the Order Flow and Volume trading world. During this course, you have been introduced to the most important tools for trading strategies based on Order Flow and Volume data.

Included Indicators

LFX Order Flow Trader (NinjaTrader)

LFX Order Flow Trader for NinjaTraderSam says: “So NinjaTrader doesn’t have a Reuters price feed or access and when talking about order flow, the better the data feed the more accurate you will be. But that said, this is a great entry-level version of the stuff we use on Xenith and can easily be programmed into strategies and systems on NinjaTrader.”

LFX Order Flow Trader (MetaStock Pro)

order-flow-trader-metastock-300x300Sam says: “Well, let’s be honest, the reason I recommend it is because the guys at MetaStock designed it to match exactly what we were trading. It is a complete plug and play version of the simple order flow strategy that literally paints the candlesticks green or red to highlight whether you ought to be looking for long or short signals. It is that simple, so if you want the easiest set-up ever, job done!”

LFX Order Flow Trader & Psych Indicator (MT4)

LFX MT4 PackageSam says: “Well we had to in the end. It’s taken us a while to get these indicators working properly on MT4 but here is our initial stab. Unlike some platforms that can cope with it we have made some work around to the data problems but the MT4 versions of our indicators work like the others. I will freely admit that data on NinjaTrader and Metastock is far better and if you can use them I would advise it, but we now offer a really viable alternative for a free platform to get you going with minimal cost: which really fits the Littlefish FX way. Link this back to Cash Back Forex so you don’t incur some of the MT4 implied costs in your trading and you will have a great little starter setup. I’ve not changed my view on this platform though and I still prefer to use NinjaTrader and MetaStock.”

Order Flow Volume and Delta Suite (NinjaTrader)

Order Flow Volume and DeltaSam says: “I think there are a lot of very good techniques and strategies that do work in the FX markets especially when combined with really good trading plans and a lot of discipline. If you want to get to the great level then I’ve not seen anything that comes close to order flow and volume price analysis, it’s almost like having a sixth sense to what the market is thinking. It can be somewhat unnerving at times, but I’ve not seen anything that comes close in terms of long run profitability. Master this stuff and people like me will be lining you up to work on our prop floor and throwing capital at you.”

COT Indicator (NinjaTrader)

COT IndicatorSam says: “A bit of a Eureka moment for me early on was the COT but it was a pain to use. People have been trading off the COT for years, frankly all the strategies out there are perfectly usable and very good but I got annoyed with a lot of the free resources that mangled the data incorrectly often with very basic mathematical errors. So we built the COT indicator. I think it’s the best on the market and it has some nice tweaks like the cross pairs using COT proxy data. On its own it results in consistent if not extremely long timeframe trades, you do need really wide stops and a lot of patience though, but combined it is a really great tool if for nothing more than avoiding the wrong trades.”

Psych Indicator (NinjaTrader)

Psych IndicatorSam says: “This indicator actually goes by a lot of names but we played with it to get it more statistically accurate. I used to love this indicator back in Bank days as it was a good one on Reuters. Now full circle we are back using Psych on Reuters and NinjaTrader. Really good little indicator and if you want a nice technical system, this is actually a great indicator to start with. It is consistent and easy to use, you just need a good risk reward strategy with it.”

Pin Bar Indicator (NinjaTrader)

Pin Bar IndicatorSam says: “So the reason we use this and give this away is that it was actually my very first profitable strategy and system I built. It started out as a manually traded system, where I used this indicator to set my risk reward and use the ATM strategies to help manage. I used to trade this on a daily basis and look at my charts every night. I then progressed to use the same indicator in automated systems and it worked just as well. In fact, now if you combine this with COT or some other basic Order Flow trends it is a really easy strategy to master and powerfully consistent as the rules are pretty strict.”

COT Implied Position (NinjaTrader)

COT ImpliedSam says: “COT Implied Positions is really interesting, albeit a little obscure. Essentially we use the market information on the majors presented in the COT report to create synthetic cross currency pairs; like EURGBP, EURAUD and GBPJPY. It then produces a basic version of the COT report for these. Turns out it is extremely powerful and one I recommend you all take a look at as the product itself is pretty unique.”

COT Multi-System (NinjaTrader)

COT MultiSam says: “COT Multi-System was essentially us messing around with a NinjaTrader script to automate the COT trading and provide various options to use in a back tester. It’s a cool little package and shows you the power of the COT report. Really good starting point for developing your own strategies.”

ATR Boundaries (NinjaTrader)

ATR BoundariesSam says: “ATR Boundaries was a little tool we made to prove a point on Binary Options. Essentially for you trading types, it was based on an Iron Condor options strategy placing two options per day. Turns out it was nicely profitable but needed someone to place the trades every day at set times, so for now we aren’t pursuing it. However, its secondary function is brilliant for stop losses and trailing stops. If you know price moves between the two lines it plots (using 20 period) 80% of the time on long run average it can be very useful for trends and where to place stops safely.”

Indicator Installation

Download the NinjaTrader Installation Guide Download the MT4 Installation Guide Download the MetaStock Installation Guide

Watch the Installation videos below




How should I use this course?

Read these tips from Littlefish FX Founder and CEO Sam Barry, as he gives you the ideal route map for how to master this course.

Who is this course for?
– We have designed this course to suit as wide an audience as possible, however the key caveat we would give is that it is for people who will work at this: we won’t promise you the world but we will work with you to help you achieve and improve.

Why don’t you offer signals as part of the course?
– We sell a lot of our systems to large asset managers and funds, who honestly have far better and more realistic expectations than any retail trader we have ever met. Essentially the signal service everyone demands only exists in curve fitted environments and that is fundamentally against our principles. Secondly, we want to help you achieve – not just give you access to all of our hard work.

Why don’t you give out automated systems to follow?
– We do but they cost us a lot to operate given the operational environment and they are built bespoke for clients. Therefore they require a lot of initial AUM.

Why aren’t you promising the Holy Grail like every body else?
– There is actually more chance of finding a real-life Indiana Jones to track down the actual Holy Grail for you than there is of stumbling upon the perfect trading system that traders seem determined to discover.

I’ve been doing this for years. What will it take for me to make money from FX trading?
– A lot of hard work, a lot of effort, some real soul searching to find out the type of person you really are, and a very good mentor. And aside from that, a decent trading platform and some resilient technology.

Why don’t you use MT4?
– Where do we start. It lags, it isn’t resilient, it isn’t robust and it isn’t flexible in any way. Every time they seem to do an update to it everything else falls over. After all, there is a reason it is free.

That said, as much as Sam doesn’t like it there is a time and place for it and so we do offer as close as we can get to our proper indicators on the MT4 platform although there are some limitations to the platform we haven’t quite worked out how to cover just yet. They are a great place to start though and when you start making money with them it may be worth investing in a better trading platform.

What platform will I require to use the accompanying course indicators?
– This course includes the following indicators: the relevant platforms are in brackets

LFX Order Flow (NinjaTrader)
LFX Order Flow (MetaStock)
LFX Order Flow Trader & Psych Indicator (MT4 Indicators Package)
Order Flow Volume & Delta Suite (NinjaTrader)
COT Indicator (NinjaTrader)
Psych Indicator (NinjaTrader)
Pin Bar Indicator (NinjaTrader)
COT Implied Positions (NinjaTrader)
COT Multi System (NinjaTrader)
ATR Boundaries (NinjaTrader)

PLEASE NOTE: NinjaTrader indicators will ask you for a license after a week of usage. When prompted to do this, you will need to drop us a message at with your machine ID for us to provide you with a full license.

How do I get my machine ID for the NinjaTrader indicators?
– To get your machine ID: In NinjaTrader’s Control Center, select Help and then 3rd Party Licensing. Type in LittlefishFX as the Vendor name, and some additional ID such as your initials in the User defined ID box.

Why do you change between NinjaTrader and Metastock?
– We like the benefits of both and unfortunately there is no way to combine them at the moment. Metastock has incredible access to bank style data feeds (there is a reason banks win more than you and that reason is informational and operational advantages) and NinjaTrader is a beautiful thing to programme on and create your own workspace on. You’ll see that we use both effectively throughout this course.

How much can I genuinely expect to make from Forex trading?
– This is always a tough question. Out of the total population of Forex traders in the world, there are very few who are millionaires. Think of it like football players: there are a fair few in the Premier League who earn a lot. Then of those Premier League players, there are those who make anything from £1,000 per week to £300,000 per week. But now consider the total number of footballers or people who try to become footballers in the world. It’s a small amount who succeed, but they typically have a few things in common: dedication, hard work, sacrifice and commitment to their dream.

What should I expect from FX trading?
– It’s a very passionate hobby with a lot of opinionated people. We often say you need thick skin as typically FX interactions are online and people seem to forget they are talking to real people when it is over the Internet. It can be tough and it will be a rollercoaster of emotions. You will play tricks on yourself and it will be difficult. But it can be extremely rewarding both in monetary terms as well as personal terms.

Will you be giving out the secrets behind your systems?
– No!

So what will you be giving away with the course?
– Everything you need and then some to trade profitably. Indicators, trading plans, strategies etc… to be honest, though, the most important thing you will get is the ability to get a slice of our time. People who sign up to the course will get great opportunities to interact with us.

Why do you charge for the course?
– Quite simply, because it costs us to run it.

Why don’t you do an interesting model like 20% of our ongoing performance fees?
– Because we would never make enough money off it to cover our costs. Additionally, it would result in giving away hundreds of free copies for the potential of only a few to ever repay us. That’s not due to the quality of our material but down to the simple fact that most simply don’t have the patience, are distracted by other commitments or follow typical drop off rates chasing the holy grail of trading.

What ongoing support will you give me?
– As much as you need. We will set up regular events (webinars etc) to help people but the most important thing is to interact with us over social media or via email and we will help you as much as we can.

Any more questions? Contact us here