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Product Description

We are now offering one-to-one trader mentoring with the pro traders from the Littlefish FX trading team. Priced by the hour, we recommend conducting the hourly sessions over Skype, allowing us to screen share to discuss live charts, strategies and trading plans.


Mentoring sessions will be conducted via Skype at a time to suit you.
Your mentor will be in touch to arrange your mentoring sessions.

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Over the last few years, I have tried to get myself in front of real traders. I thought I had cracked it at the first attempt in 2011 but that turned out to be a dead end.

My experience of trading educators is mixed, as the traders that can trade invariably cannot teach and those people that are good at teaching are only good for regurgitating material that is freely available on the internet.

In my Prop Trading mentor I think I have found a great trader who I can relate to and who speaks to me in a way that helps me understand what he's trying to get me to see and do.

Neville Hornsey