Prop Trading Desk Fee

£500.00 / month

Become A Prop Trader At Littlefish FX

Enrol On Our 2017 Prop Trading Programme…



This subscription product page is ONLY for those who have been accepted on to our Prop Trading Programme, following an initial vetting period before acceptance.

PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance on to the programme does not guarantee qualification for a Prop Trading position. Final decisions are at the sole discretion of our Prop Trading team.

What’s Involved:

You will be assigned a Professional Trading Mentor who will create a tailored, custom lesson plan based on your experience, skill set and commitments. The programme will last between 6-12 months, depending on your experience. You should expect to spend 10-20 hours a week studying to succeed on the programme. Once you’re live trading, you will be added to our Prop Trading Leaderboard, with the best & most consistent traders picked to become full-time prop traders.

What's Included

· One-to-one mentoring sessions
· Daily setups & trade alerts
· Live analysis webinars
· Daily pro trader analysis
· Access to Trading Hub
· Forex Trading Course
· All indicators
· Tech team support

Profit & Costs

What’s In It For You:

Once you are accepted as a full-time prop trader you will be allocated up to £50,000 of capital to trade your strategy at zero personal financial risk, furthermore, you will benefit from a generous 40% share of all trading profits generated on your prop trading account.

You will also have the ability to increase your trading capital over time based on your account consistency and performance.

What’s The Cost:

During your Prop Mentoring programme you will be required to pay £500 per month as a desk fee. Once you graduate to trading a Prop account full time, this fee will no longer be required.