MACD With Order Flow Trader

We’re going to take a look at a really great method for helping you identify the trend and better yet, how to gain entry and capture big moves with reduced risk.

We’re going to use the MACD indicator to identify the trend direction. We’re going to use a moving average to identify high probability entries and we will use the Order Flow Trader to confirm our trade and enter the market.

Video: MACD With Order Flow Trader

In this video we take a look at a really effective method for identifying and gaining entry, to trending markets, and show you how to pick high probability entry points using just simple analysis, in line with MACD and Order Flow Trader.

We discuss some of the pitfalls new traders face when trying to trade with trend and show you how to overcome these and rewire your thinking to maximise the profitability of trading the trend.

Trading With MACD

Trading with MACD. The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) is a strategy which utilises moving average lines, which are created by previous price trends. It was developed by Gerald Appel in the 1970’s and in 1986, Thomas Aspray added a further component to it (the histogram) to bring it its current state…