Trading Truths #9: Trading For A Living

In this weekly segment I will share a couple of key trading principles. These principles have been developed over the past ten years of living and breathing markets. Having traded through a variety of market conditions, witnessing the doldrums and wild swings in markets (and my P&L) I will seek to share some of my key takeaways from the past, predominantly profitable years…

Trading Truths, To Learn Or Liquidate By #5: Drawdowns

As human being we are subject to cycles in all aspects of our lives, expansion and contraction are a pervasive theme in the human experience. At a fundamental level we exist on a planet that demonstrates expansion and contraction on a repetitive and routine basis. We experience the seasons of expansion spring and summer followed by the season of contraction fall and winter, on a monthly scale the moon cycles are a clear sign of expansion and contraction.