5 Things You Need To Know When Reading Charts

It can be utterly baffling for many new traders looking at a price chart for the first time, resembling some sort of archaic video game, but given the proper tools and with enough time spent learning them, new traders can quickly develop a neat process for accessing their charts and scouting potential opportunities using some nifty technical know-how…

Forex Webinar: Trend Lines & Channels

In this Forex webinar LFX analyst James Harte explores the use of trend lines and channels detailing the correct ways to identify these key technical elements and different ways you can use them in your own trading. Trend lines & channels are very popular methods of analysis and when used correctly can be very powerful […]

Trend Lines: The Basics

With all this talk of trends many new traders can feel a little overwhelmed if they can’t identify the trend when they look at the chart so it’s important to always get a solid grip on some of the basic technical analysis tools that can help you to quickly assess a) if there is a trend and b) in which direction is it headed.