Northern California User

Using ONLY your Order Flow Indicator, a 21 period EMA and a little bit of common sense to interpret the price action, I just successfully completed the “Topstep Trader” $50,000 trading combine. I had 13 profitable trading days out of the 14 it took me to reach the profit target and receive a funded account.

Conrad Metz

The indicators are great. After only a week of implementing them, I can see some real potential.

Christopher Johnston

The course is very well thought out, clearly explained and honest. It is the second course I have bought, and it is by far the better of the two. Plus, it was at a reasonable price which includes your indicators (which are worth the course price alone). I have learnt a lot more about Forex […]

Suhas Shinde

I am most impressed with COT and Order Flow indicator (confluent) method on daily timeframe, as mentioned at the end of the Forex master course.

Paul Rosanoski

My commendations on a wonderfully informative site and a great (master) course. You’re a credit to the industry and I always appreciate those with a no-nonsense attitude to the education of others in an industry that is full of snake-oil salesman.