Five Lessons Learnt This Week

Another trading week is over – time for this week’s Five Lessons Learnt. Read on to find out why you should always check your suitcase, just how much people will spend on their pets and why cups are definitely not for chips.

1. Always check your suitcase

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 15.22.24Packing for a trip? Make sure you don’t end up with a stowaway like the woman whose Chihuahua was found in her suitcase at New York City airport. An airport employee found the hidden pooch when an alarm went off during the screening process. When the suspicious suitcase was searched, he was shocked to find the small dog buried in amongst other possessions.

The cheeky Chi didn’t get to make his trip, though. Airport staff contacted his owner, who told them that she had not intended to bring the pet with her, and the pair were briefly reunited – before the woman called her husband to collect the mischievous pet. It’s not known whether the woman made her flight in the end.

If you’re off on a trip, pack these cool travel gadgets – but leave the Chihuahua at home. 

2. Sarcasm isn’t the lowest form of wit

It’s giving call centres in the Philippines an edge over their competitors and helping them to win the international battle to attract British customer complaints. Apparently, British companies love dealing with Filipino call centre workers because their English is not accented – and their secret weapon is a touch of good old British sarcasm. Part of the training call centre workers in Manila includes learning to understand (and partake in) sarcastic comments, and the tactic seems to be faring well.

So maybe sarcasm isn’t a bad thing after all. Not that we use sarcasm. Much.

3. People really love their pets

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 15.24.28Even goldfish, it seems. A doting goldfish owner spent £500 on life-saving operations for her two pet fish Star and Nemo this week. Twelve-year-old Star (who was won for pennies at a local fair) had a blind, cancerous eye removed while her tank mate had a lump removed.

Their owner Janie Gordon justified her spend, commenting “I know it seems like a lot of money to spend on an operation for a goldfish but what was the alternative? I think we’ve a social responsibility to look after our pets and I know my daughter would have been distraught if anything had happened to the goldfish.”

Star and Nemo have now recovered from their surgeries and are back home in their tank in the Gordon family kitchen. Success.

Medical bills for humans can be pricey too – so read our quick and easy tips for simple ways to make your trading days a little bit better for your health. 

4. Cups are not for chips

A Twitter campaign mocking trendy restaurants who shun plates in favour of wooden boards, slate tiles and cups has gone viral this week. Sports journalist Ross McGinnes launched a Twitter account called ‘We Want Plates’ just weeks ago after reaching his wits’ end with the unconventional serve ware.

And it was an instant hit – @WeWantPlates now has 5,000 followers and dozens of pictures of restaurants using boards, trowels, baskets, jam jars and even a miniature wheelbarrow to serve up their fare. Our favourite tweet comes from Braden James, who said “I refuse to bring children into this world whilst it is still commonplace to serve chips in a tin cup. Cups are NOT for chips.” Quite.

If you’re after a new trendy restaurant to frequent (whether you want your chips in cups or on a plate) check out one of our favourite brunch spots

5. It takes a lot to faze Jeremy Clarkson

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 15.26.18Jeremy Clarkson is keeping his cool amidst allegations that of a fracas with a producer over a catering row. Rumour has it that Clarkson lost his temper when he found out that no dinner had been arranged for the end of a long day of filming, and punched a producer. The Top Gear presenter has been suspended and the remaining episodes of the new series of his lucrative TV show pulled as the BBC consider their next steps. 350,000 fans have petitioned for the show and Clarkson to be reinstated, but given that Clarkson was already on his “last warning” (the BBC allegedly told him last year that if he made one more offensive comment anytime, anywhere, he’d be sacked) it’s not looking great.

But Clarkson doesn’t seem too worried – met by the press outside his London home, he told reporters “I’m just off to the job centre.” In his Sun column, he wrote that he’s “having a nice cold pint and waiting for this to blow over”, and he and his co-stars have been joking around on Twitter about what the BBC should do with the now-empty Sunday night slot. Stay tuned…

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