Five Lessons Learnt This Week

In this week’s Five Lessons Learnt, we’ve learned who’s going to win the UK election (according to pigs), exactly what the time is, how a skiing accident can make you a genius and why shooting your computer won’t make it co-operate…

1. Exactly what time it is

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.15.20Pedants rejoice – the world’s most accurate clock just got more accurate. If you want to know what the time is to the billi-billi-billi-billi-second, consult the US clock that set a new record in time precision this week.

The device is made from extremely cooled atoms of the metal strontium trapped inside a lattice of laser beams to keep them isolated from any external disturbances. The result is a clock that’s three times more accurate than the previous record-holder, and that will not gain or lose a single second in the next 15 billion years.

As well as allowing us to know exactly what time it is (and settling arguments over who’s a minute late and who was a minute early) the new technology could aid development for advanced communications, space-based satellite navigation systems such as GPS and lots of other futuristic technologies.

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2. How a skiing accident can make you a genius

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.26.43An anonymous woman from the US has told the story of how an accident on the slopes left her with advanced mental abilities. The woman was on a family ski trip when she took a nasty fall that left her with moderate concussion, a badly dislocated shoulder and a broken collarbone (ouch!)

But it wasn’t until a year later that she was diagnosed with savant syndrome, a rare condition which causes an individual to develop remarkable talents. In this case, the woman has developed a spectacular memory – she can remember thousands of places and draw detailed diagrams, and is even considering a change of career and taking up drafting and design!

It’s believed only 50 people worldwide have savant syndrome, though, so it’s probably not worth risking injury on the off-chance you wake up with a brain to rival Einstein’s.

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3. Shooting your computer won’t make it cooperate

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.31.31We’ve all had moments when our technology lets us down. But Lucas Hinch, from Colorado, took his computer malfunction worse than most – and dragged his misbehaving PC into an alleyway, where he shot it eight times.

He’s now facing charges for discharging a weapon within city limits, and is awaiting news on his penalty. He told Colorado Spring Lieutenant Jeff Strossner he had been fighting his computer for several months before deciding to exact revenge and execute it.

Mr. Hinch’s computer sustained serious injuries and is not thought to have survived the attack…

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4. Dogs can drive tractors

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.45.23Border Collie Don caused a stir in Scotland this week after being left in his owner’s tractor for a matter of seconds. He somehow managed to lean against the controls and start the engine, sending the tractor across a field and onto the motorway. No-one was hurt, but Don did cause some tailbacks while he was coaxed out of his new set of wheels…

Traffic Scotland tweeted about the incident (adding “nope, not joking…”) and it wasn’t long before the dog-related puns started rolling in – “Ruff morning then?” and “Last time that happened, it was a Rover” are our favourites…

They do say you shouldn’t leave dogs in cars unattended. Now we all know why.

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5. Who’s going to win the UK election

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 16.29.07The UK election is all over the news right now – and a group of pig farmers from Devon have come up with an idea to predict who will emerge victorious when the election takes place on the 7th May. They’ve been racing five miniature pigs, one to represent each of the political parties, conducting their own campaign battle on the track as they race every day up until the election.

Hilariously, they’ve even given their pigs appropriate names and t-shirts in their colour of their respective parties. In blue is David Hameron, while Ed Swiliband wears red. Nigel Forage runs in purple, and in yellow is Pork Clegg. The fifth pig, Pork Scratching, represents all the smaller parties.

Will the pigs guess right? Only time will tell…

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