Five Lessons Learnt This Week

In this week’s Five Lessons Learnt, find out why older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser, why the tablet world is going super sized and why there’s no getting out of examinations…

1. Older doesn’t always mean wiser

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 11.34.51As proved by student Tom Wagg, who pipped qualified astronomers to the post and spotted a new planet while on a work experience placement aged 15. There was no making cups of tea or sorting paperwork mountains for Tom – during his week-long work placement at Keele University, the teenager spotted a tiny dip in the light of a distant star.

His discovery led to two years of research to confirm that he had indeed spotted an unknown planet, described as a ‘hot Jupiter’ and catalogued as WASP-142b. This makes Tom the youngest person ever to have found a planet – and he didn’t sit around and twiddle his thumbs while astronomers were exploring his find. He was busy acing his GCSEs with 12 A*s and making a start on his A-Levels. All in day’s work…

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2. There’s a lawsuit for that…

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 08.49.48Two bizarre lawsuits have hit the headlines this week. In the first, a Chinese man revealed his plans to take legal action against actress Zhao Wei for allegedly “staring at him too intensely” through his TV screen and causing him to suffer spiritual damage. The lawsuit came under new laws in China that make it easier to take legal action – rules that have been criticised for allowing frivolous cases like this one.

And that’s not all – eBay also found themselves under fire this week from a client who claims she owns the sun. Maria Duran registered the star under her name and had been selling plots on eBay for two years before the internet retail giant decided her goods were ‘intangible’ (you reckon?!) and blocked her account. Ms Duran continues to sell sun plots on her own website, claiming that although there is an international agreement which says no country can claim ownership of a planet or star, those rules do not apply to her as an individual. We’ll soon see how she gets on with that one…

3. There are piglets on the loose

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.43.28A bunch of little piggies won’t be going to market this week after escaping from a truck transporting them from South Carolina to Indiana. The driver of the truck apparently lost control on an Ohio highway and collided with a guardrail, causing the truck to overturn. And the piglets onboard took advantage of the situation by fleeing into the nearby woods.

Apparently, there were 2,200 pigs onboard when the crash took place. 500 were killed in the collision and a further 1,500 have been rounded up, which leaves 200 pigs on the loose. Authorities have admitted the chances of catching the runaway piglets are slim – so that’s 200 less bacon sandwiches for us…

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4. Tablets are getting bigger

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 13.39.52We thought we’d seen it all when the iPhone 6 was revealed and it was the size of a small tablet. But Microsoft are getting in on the action and making their tech super sized, too – in the form of an 84-inch tablet computer that’ll retail at £16,500.

The giant tablet, called the Microsoft Surface Hub, is the biggest touchscreen device Microsoft has ever built and can detect up to 3 three digital pen inputs simultaneously (so no wrestling over the stylus). It’ll be available to order from July and is also equipped with a microphone and two cameras. It’s designed for business conference rooms, but we’re just wondering how our trading screens would look on one…

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5. Don’t try to sit exams for your other half

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 13.56.19Most of us were just glad to get through our own exams, but loved-up Ayan Zhademov volunteered to sit tests for somebody else. His girlfriend was apparently too nervous to take the exams (required for entry to university in Kazakhstan), so Zhademov decided to sit the test in her place – and to dress up as a woman to get past invigilators.

It was all going swimmingly until Ayan tried to speak in high voice and gave himself away to invigilators. He’s now facing a fine of £1,400 from the exam board. But it’s not all bad news – the internet was quite touched by his romantic gesture, with one businessman from Zhetisai offering to pay half the fine for him and fellow students commiserating that “sometimes love leads us to do silly things”. So what do you think? Sweet, stupid or a bit of both? We’re just wondering how his girlfriend would’ve reacted if he failed the exam on her behalf…

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