Five Lessons Learnt This Week

This week in Five Lessons Learnt, Russia teaches the world how to take a selfie, Google proves that robots do dream of electric sheep, and why skinny jeans should carry a health warning…

1. Never take a selfie with a gun

Russia…is just one of the insightful pieces of advice dispensed by the Russian government this week in a bid to prevent an apparent recent spate of injuries and deaths when taking selfies with camera phones.

Russia’s Interior Ministry released these images without a hint of humour, stating that ‘Your health and your life are worth more than a million likes on social networks.’

So thanks to their helpful diagrams, we now know that it is not safe taking a selfie in front of a moving train, on the roof of your home when fixing your aerial, or while climbing a mountain. Thanks Russia.

bear and dog2. Always check your change…and that your dog is not a bear

In a story that could only have emanated from China, a Banana farmer will be regretting not keeping the receipt for two ‘puppies’ that he bought in Vietnam in 2013.

The wonderfully-named Wank Kaiyu began to question the behaviour of his loyal mutts when they kept killing and eating his chickens, and started growing abnormally large.

Then when he spotted a wildlife protection poster providing information about endangered Asian black bears, the penny dropped. Mr Kaiyu has since wisely given up his pets, now 50kg each, to a local rescue centre.

We’re guessing he’ll probably take a closer look at that striped cat he bought from Thailand…

 3. Now we know what computers dream about when they sleep

GoogleTreesIf you’ve ever wondered what your computer dreams about when you hit the ‘sleep’ button (it’s not just us… is it?), then artificial intelligence proponents Google have provided the answers. And they’re creepy as hell.

Allowing their developers to experiment with their neural network technology (the code used to detect faces, animals and other patterns in images), Google unveiled the results of the software altering images to exaggerate the patterns it thinks it can see.

Cue really trippy images like this one above. Check out what this process did to the Mona Lisa, The Scream painting and more here.

4. Skinny jeans should carry health warnings

skinny jeansAs any woman in heels will tell you, sometimes fashion hurts. But, in a story from Australia this week, it seems that keeping with some trends might border on the dangerous and damaging, after a 35-year-old woman spent four days hospitalised when her skinny jeans cut off the bloody supply to her leg muscles.

As documented in the ‘Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry’, neurologist Professor Thomas Kimber described how his patient collapsed walking home from a day helping relatives move home. Upon arrival at the hospital, her skin-tight jeans were cut off by doctors “because they couldn’t remove them any other way.”

After being placed on a drip, she was released in good health four days later. So hipsters and rockstars beware – it’s not just the drugs and rock ‘n’ roll that can kill you…

5. Make Pizza, not war

Karl Spaeth is a man on a mission. A Twitter mission, to be exact. The pizza-lover from Cincinnati has set up a Twitter account to document shameful “Pizza crimes”. In other words, wasted pizzas left discarded on the streets.

As part of his unique crusade, Spaeth explains: “If you saw a filet mignon on the ground people would be in a uproar about it, but because it’s a lower-class food I think people don’t care.”

Even if it’s all a bit tongue-in-cheek, his overall message is to be applauded in a world of excessive wastage, and if you want to join in you can send your Pizza Crimes to him at @PizzaCrimes.

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