Five Lessons Learnt This Week

In this week’s Five Lessons Learnt, find out why sarcasm makes you cleverer (phew…), why Ribena has been banned, why Ibiza have declared a war on MTV and why pizza is getting everyone in trouble…

1. Sarcasm may not be lowest form of wit

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By Mallix
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Good news for anyone who’s partial to a bit of sarcastic humour (why are you looking at us?!) A study this week proved that despite sarcasm’s long-running reputation as “the lowest form of wit”, both saying and hearing sarcastic comments aids the creative process and makes people more adept at solving problems.

The bizarre test involved participants being challenged to light and candle and stick it to a wall without dripping wax on the floor. 300 people performed the task, and 64% of the participants who made sarcastic comments along the way came up with a creative solution and managed to complete the challenge.

And being the brunt of sarcastic jokes is even more effective at boosting creativity – 75% of those who heard sarcastic remarks finished the task (presumably so they wouldn’t have to face any more verbal assault). So it’s not all bad for any of you with sarcastic colleagues or mates (all of you, probably?)

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2. Ribena is a thing of the past

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.31.17Supermarket giant Tesco made the headlines this week after announcing plans to stop selling small cartons of added sugar drinks from the 7th September – meaning the end for childhood favourites including Ribena, Capri Sun and Rubicon.

The supermarket believe the plan will make “a positive difference to children’s health” and help reduce childhood obesity. Twitter, however, believes differently, and the supermarket has taken a bit of a social media bashing this week.

Comments following the news included: “I was gonna buy a Ribena but Tesco don’t sell it cos it causes obesity so I guess I’ll have a coke, fags and wotsits cos they must be fine” (@LilyBaileyUK), “I don’t think @TescoUK banning Ribena will prevent child obesity. I think parents stopping feeding their kids junk food will though” (@RachelAdedeji) and our personal favourite: “Wow. Tesco has cured obesity by banning Capri Sun and Ribena. The ONLY two causes of obesity. What a time to be alive” (@OliverAge24 – see the above lesson re. sarcasm. Oliver is winning at it).

Fear not, Ribena lovers – rumour has it the soft drink will be available on the black (currant) market soon…

Since Ribena has been banned, we’re all just going to have to drink (even more) beer. Here are 10 new beers to try…

3. War has been declared between Ibiza and MTV

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.42.26MTV recently announced plans for a new TV show set on the White Isle – Ibiza Shore (you may already be familiar with/have suffered previous shows Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore – we feel your pain). But Ibiza residents and politicians have other ideas.

Convinced the programme would tarnish the island’s image (they’re probably right there), the government, businesses and residents alike voiced concerns about the show. But one Spanish businessman has taken matters into his own hands, and registered the brand “Ibiza Shore” so MTV can’t.

Jaume Torres managed to get in a bid for the brand name just one day before MTV’s application and now should have priority over the name, though he’s prepared to face a legal battle with the TV network he says could take “months or years”. Let the games begin…

Tip – don’t watch anything with ‘Shore’ in the title. Watch one of these trading documentaries instead. Trust us on this one. 

4. Pepperoni pizza is in high demand

pizzaThe principles of supply and demand are key for any trader, newbie or veteran. If something is in high demand and short supply, price increases, while if the market is flooded with a currency no-one wants, price goes down. Simple. But one man probably got the principle at little bit wrong at a festival this summer when he decided it was a good idea to swap his iPhone 5 for a bite of pepperoni pizza.

That puts demand for the pepperoni pizza in at the high price of £180 (and if it came from a festival food truck, it probably wasn’t even particularly good pizza). But Allan Banning, from Dumferline, Fife, doesn’t seem ashamed by his mistake (which we assume alcohol had something to do with). Instead, he took to Facebook to share his problem and track down potential iPhone sellers.

And the internet is loving laughing at his expense – he’s received over 5,000 likes and shares. Hopefully that will soften the blow of being smartphone-less (but full of pizza) a little bit.

Check out the best tech, apps, gadgets and smartphones here – just promise us you won’t go trading any of them for pizza. It’s not worth it. Honest. 

5. Don’t drink and Reddit

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 15.39.11In other pizza-related news, a British chap has been hailed as ‘Jesus of the Internet’ this week after sending not one, not two but thirty pizzas across the world to complete strangers in the U.S. For, as far as we can tell, no particular reason.

It all started when generous Daniel Sobey-Harker put a post on social media site Reddit offering to buy someone in America a pizza. However, he got into hot water when he accidentally bought £350 worth of digital Bitcoins after misjudging the conversion rate. And having made his way through nine pints while considering his various payment options, he decided that the next logical step was to spend the lot ordering pizza for strangers. As you do. He delivered 30 pizzas to Chicago, Hawaii and one lucky person in the UK.

If nothing else, the whole experience has made him some friends Stateside, with gushing Reddit users writing: “Trashed and giving out pizzas is the best kind of person”, “Instead of getting angry about obtaining a whole $500 in Bitcoin, you make it rain pizza instead”, and “Never let it be said that the OP does not deliver. He does deliver. To Hawaii, even. Cheers to you mate.” And he’s probably earned himself a lifetime’s worth of good karma.

Daniel is an undoubted legend – but read about some even more impressive people in trading, business and finance in our Littlefish Legends series here.

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