Five Lessons Learnt This Week

It’s time for another Five Lessons Learnt This Week – is it just us, or are the weeks flying by? Read on for indestructible smartphones, how IKEA became the first ever company to own their own forest, how beer and whiskey will help you live to be 110 and why there’s a pizza missing in space…

1. Smartphones are stronger than you might think

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 14.40.56If you’ve ever experienced that moment of dread after dropping your smartphone face-down on concrete, you’ll know that smartphones and hard surfaces don’t get along well. Hence the plethora of non-slip cases and screen protectors on the market. But actually, one miraculous iPhone managed to survive a fall of 9,300ft this week after its owner dropped it out of a plane.

Ben Wilson was travelling in a small aircraft in Texas when a pressure change caused the airplane door to crack open three inches – enough of a gap for his unfortunate iPhone to slip through and start its epic fall. Ben only noticed he’s misplaced his phone when he landed at Kickapoo Airport in Wichita Falls, Texas.

The most optimistic of iPhone owners would be forgiving for assuming their gadget would be in a state of disrepair – but Ben enlisted the help of the Find My iPhone app and a donkey (no, seriously) and found his phone under a tree 70 miles away in one piece and in full working condition, with only a few scratches on the corners to show for its ordeal.

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2. IKEA now own a forest

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 15.04.06Swedish furniture giant IKEA became the first company ever to own their very own forest this week. The retailer is likely one of the largest single consumers of wood in the world, using about 1% of the world’s wood supply in order to create their legendary flatpack furniture. Last year, they used the equivalent of 14 Empire State Buildings in wood. That’s a lot of trees.

And obtaining that much wood doesn’t come without a few snagging issues – like last year, when IKEA were temporarily suspended from cutting trees in Russia’s Karelia forest after one of their subsidiaries violated a logging agreement. The ban was since lifted, but it seems IKEA have decided that chopping down other people’s trees is just too much hassle. So they’ve bought their own.

IKEA now owns a Romanian forest, making history as the first company ever to manage its own forest operations and holding an estimated 0.5% of the total area of forests in Romania. The idea is to help the furniture giant secure long-term access to sustainably managed wood at affordable prices.

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3. Makeup = fraud (?!)

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 15.33.53Makeup is designed to help improve people’s appearance. And it turns out its doing quite a good job at it after one new bride managed to alter her appearance so much that her new groom is now attempting to sue her for trauma and fraud after catching a glimpse of her bare face.

The anonymous man, from Algeria, claims his wife never went sans makeup until they were married, and that when he spotted her in their apartment the morning after their wedding without her makeup, he refused to believe she was his wife and thought she was “a thief who came to steal his apartment”. He now allegedly plans to demand £13,000 in damages for the “psychological suffering” he sustained.

Call us crazy, but we’re not sure any woman should be blamed for a man stupid enough to think she was born with sparkly eyelids.

4. Beer & whiskey make you live longer

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 15.43.37Good news! A “supercentenarian” who celebrated her 110th birthday this week has gone on record to share her secret to a long, healthy life – a daily dose of three beers and a shot of whiskey.

Agnes Fenton, from New Jersey, turned 110 last Saturday – and for the last 70 years, she has knocked back three Miller High Lifes and a shot of scotch (her favourite is Johnnie Walker Blue Label) every day, following the advice of a genius doctor who treated her for a benign tumour back in the 1930s.

And Ms Fenton’s unusual health elixir has served her well – she’s in exceptionally good shape for a 110-year-old and is yet to lose her hearing or eyesight. However, her carers are now urging Agnes to cut down on the booze, fearing that she can no longer sustain her alcohol intake. Frankly, if we live to be 110, we’ll be doing whatever the hell we want. Happy Birthday Agnes – and cheers!

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5. Something is out there

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 16.01.53Quite a lot of somethings, actually. If you ever take a trip to space, here’s just a few things you might see on the way:

  • A tandoori lamb chop (with a thoughtfully-attached fork)
  • Lego
  • A lightsaber
  • Buzz Lightyear (obviously)
  • A Beatles song
  • A saxophone
  • A corned beef sandwich
  • Pizza
  • Four cans of Pepsi and four cans of Coke
  • A golf ball
  • A sound recording of rain

These are just some of the 100 items that have disappeared into space on various missions and are yet to be discovered by scientists. The rest of the list includes lots of sound recordings, songs, various works of art and a few x-rays of various parts of the human body.

We can’t even begin to imagine what impression the artefacts of life on Earth will make on aliens about the human race – except that we really like pizza, sandwiches and takeaways. Which is pretty accurate, to be fair.

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