Five Lessons Learnt This Week

Five Lessons Learnt is our weekly round-up of all the crazy, funny and strange news of the week. Perfect for a bit of Friday afternoon entertainment and a light-hearted look at what’s been going on away from the charts!

This week in Five Lessons Learnt: how Google rescued a kidnap victim, how to capitalise on the carrier bag scandal, the worst way to raise money for charity and what a penchant for black coffee means about your personality…

1. Google really does have an answer for everything

google-485611_640.jpgEveryone’s No. 1 search engine achieved another amazing feat this week after literally rescuing a kidnap victim. Belgian businessman Sander Cokelaere was threatened with an air gun, driven to a remote location and chained to a tree in Leicestershire by his captor, who was trying to retrieve money he felt he was owned from Cokelaere’s boss.

But the terrified businessman managed to escape – with a little help from Google. He somehow managed to hide his smartphone in his sock and once his captor had left the scene, he used it to organise his escape. He Googled his location and sent a screenshot to his boss, who alerted the police – and Cokelaere was rescued within two hours.

The kidnapper, John Charles Spence, has since been charged with blackmail, kidnap, theft, fraudulent use of a bank card and possessing an imitation firearm. He’s been jailed for eight years, and has sent a letter of apology to his victim, who will never leave the house without his smartphone again.

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2. How psychopaths take their coffee

a-cup-of-coffee-399478_640In probably this week’s most bizarre news story, a study has proved that if you take your coffee sans milk and sugar, you’re more likely to display psychopathic, sadistic and narcissistic tendencies. Apparently, people with a penchant for bitter tastes, including black coffee, dark chocolate and tonic water, revealed some worrying traits when tasked with a personality test.

500 men and women were asked to rate a list of sweet, salty, bitter and sour items, and then asked how likely they were to agree with statements such as “Given enough provocation, I may hit someone”. Those with preferences for bitter tastes also showed tendencies towards Machiavellianism, psychopathy, narcissism and sadism.

Personally, we think this may reveal more about the 500 people surveyed than general black coffee lovers. But you may want to steer clear of that colleague who takes his coffee without milk…

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3. The worst way to raise money for charity

headphones-925789_640There are lots of ways to raise money for a good cause. Run, swim, host an event, hold a bake sale, sell something – to name but a few. But probably the worst method of raising money for charity we’ve ever heard of is to lock yourself in a room for 75 hours and play Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up on repeat.

Which is exactly what Jack White is spending his weekend doing. The 23-year-old from Southampton will barricade himself in a room at the Highfield House Hotel in Southampton, where he will listen to the 1987 hit on repeat until Monday morning. Listening to any song repeated for 75 hours would be nothing short of horrendous, but he’s probably picked one of the most irritating tunes of all time. And to make matters worse, Jack won’t be allowed to speak or wash the entire time and will only be allowed to eat porridge and rice.

The incredible challenge is all to raise money for a diabetes charity. He definitely deserves to raise an impressive sum if he pulls off this ordeal. We can’t get the annoyingly catchy tune out of our heads just thinking about it…

If that’s one feat you won’t be completing to raise money for charity, try one of these Charity Events To Get Involved In instead. Hey, even swimming the channel sounds like a walk in the park now…

4. How to make your fortune

shopping-874974_640English traders will know that the country has been gripped by “carrier bag fever” this week, after new laws introduced on Monday saw the price of carrier bags shoot up to 5 whole pence a bag. The resulting fuss dominated the English media this week, saw supermarkets add security bags to baskets to stop shoppers using baskets instead of paying for carriers, and led to the Twittersphere coining the hashtag #CarrierBagGate.

Meanwhile, one man found a way to cash in on the disaster. James Burrows flogged 100 used carrier bags on Gumtree for £2 to undercut the supermarkets. His collection of mostly Tesco plastic bags were advertised at 2.5p each (presumably you could only buy them in pairs?), halving the price of a shop-bought bag. But Burrows actually accepted an offer of £2 for the lot, selling them for a grand total of 2p each.

So look on the bright side. That cupboard next to your kitchen sink could now be worth a fortune…

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5. Don’t bother putting the lottery on

lotto-484801_640You’ve got to be in it to win it. But even if you are in it and you do win it, don’t expect to receive your prize any time soon. Illinois’ state lottery issued a statement this week that anyone who wins more than a few hundred dollars will receive an IOU instead of their jackpot prize.

Since July, the lottery has been withholding payments to players who win $25,000 or more because of budget problems. But that threshold has now been lowered to just $600. Apparently, the Illinois Lottery has held onto more that $28 million in prizes since the state budget expired in June, and also owes a $560 million payment to the state pension system.

So it’s safe to say the Illinois Lottery is not a good place to invest your cash…

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