Five Lessons Learnt This Week

Five Lessons Learnt is our weekly round-up of all the crazy, funny and strange news of the week. Perfect for a bit of Friday afternoon entertainment and a light-hearted look at what’s been going on away from the charts!

This week in our round-up of funny news: tweets become history, British Airways win at social media, drunken mistakes become epic adventures and the mystery of Dr Pepper, solved…

1. How to use social media right

British-AirwaysBritish Airways joined the likes of Marks & Spencer and Tesco by giving their customers a laugh over social media this week. Disgruntled travel journalist David Whitley was fed up of being on hold, so he decided to tweet the airline instead, asking “Just out of interest, @britishairways, when was the last time you *weren’t* experiencing high call volumes?”

Proving that they may be slow on the phone but they’re pretty quick when it comes to Twitter, the company responded “Off the top of my head it was about, 3rd June 1997. Seriously though, is there something we can help with?” Fair play, British Airways, fair play.

Where did we laugh at customer service exchanges before Twitter came along?

2. Your Tweets are about to be preserved in history

Let this be a lesson to anyone who isn’t so careful about how they present themselves on the internet. Academic Simon McKeown suggested this week that our social media “virtual presences” could one day be used to keep us alive forever. He reckons that within 50 years, computers will be advanced enough to create “synthetic digital life” based on our past movements, preferences and history on social media.

Yep, that does mean that your misguided Twitter rants could live on long after you and inform your friends and relatives’ lasting memories of you. Who said technological advancements were a good thing…

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3. Why drunken mistakes aren’t always mistakes

BrazilWe’ve all dreamed up incredible schemes after one pint too many, only to wake up the next and realise that, in hindsight, our alcohol-fuelled schemes weren’t as great as we thought. Just like Scottish banker Jamie Arthur, who woke up after a big night out with a pounding headache – and an even more painful credit card bill.

The 24-year-old Glaswegian woke up to an email from a travel agent confirming he had booked a flight to Rio de Janeiro (though he reckons he has no recollection of booking the ticket – and that it had honestly never even crossed his mind to go to South America). After establishing that it was too late to get a refund, Jamie had a choice – lose the £520, or find three weeks off work and go solo to Brazil.

Naturally, he did the latter, and now reckons his moment of drunken recklessness lead to one of the best experiences of his life. So before you head to the pub this weekend, leave a travel brochure and your credit card within reach – and who knows what adventure you might wake up to.

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4. The mystery of Dr Pepper, solved

Ever wondered who the famous soft drink was named after, or what qualifications he got to achieve the coveted “Dr” title? Well, a restaurant in Illinois has solved all your questions by listing the soda on its receipts as P. Epper, PhD. So there you go. Now we all know.

The note, which is just one of Firestone Pizza and Pub in Normal Illinois attempts to amuse customers, has since gone viral on Twitter and Reddit. Some online commenters voiced their disappointment, though, having always assumed the famous Dr Pepper was a GP or a dentist. To be fair, naming a fizzy drink after a dentist was never going to be the best marketing decision, was it?

5. How to stop Halloween vandalism

EggsOr, why teenagers are banned from baking over Halloween. In a – maybe somewhat extreme – measure to prevent the age-old Halloween tradition of “egging” this year, a supermarket in Bucksville, Pennsylvania has banned all minors from buying eggs from the 24th October to the 1st November.

Of course, the internet had something to say about their unusual technique. One commenter pointed out that the kid who bought all the eggs on the 23rd October will now have a serious business on his hands. Another told a heartwarming story of Halloween past – apparently, he and his friends, aged 14 went to a supermarket to buy eggs, and in interest of appearing inconspicuous, also picked up cake mix, frosting, and decorations. In the end, instead of going egging, the would-be troublemakers decided just to go home and bake cakes instead. Nice.

Have a great weekend all and a happy Halloween – and no egging. You’re too old for that stuff. Sorry.

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