Five Lessons Learnt This Week

Five Lessons Learnt is our weekly round-up of all the strange, off-beat and funny news of the week. Perfect for a bit of Friday afternoon entertainment and a light-hearted look at what’s been going on away from the charts!

This week in Five Lessons Learnt, North Korea have invented hangover-free booze, Amazon have the pill that claims to enhance your dreams, and why you really need to change your password…

4133DZ8RQnL._SX355_1. You can now pay to improve your dreams. Seriously.

If my week is anything to go by, then binging the day on coffee and ending it with a glutinous slab of brie (if I tell you it was leftover from Christmas will you believe me? No, didn’t think so…) is all you need to ensure that your dreams on an evening are enough to give Stephen King the creeps.

But if you’re the sort of person who wakes up on a morning thinking, “hey you know what? I didn’t dream enough last night”, then a) you might want to reconsider your life priorities and b) Amazon have a product for you.

Herbal “Dreamleaf” tablets cost £21 for a bottle, and its manufacturers claim that it encourages lucid dreaming. No doubt taking inspiration from a certain film, the tablets come as a blue pill and red pill combo, said to “promote rational thinking while in REM sleep”. Hmmm.

Here at Littlefish FX we’re working on an exclusive new pill that reduces consumer gullibility…

2. North Korea claim to have invented hangover-free beer


The late Kim Jong-Il was renowned for his bold claims of achievements and successes before he passed away in 2011. The former North Korean leader was said to have been able to alter the weather through the power of thought, could walk by the age of just three weeks, talk at eight weeks, wrote 1500 books at university and, our favourite of them all, shot a round of 38 under par (including 11 holes in one) the first time he played golf. He retired from the sport immediately after.

But despite all of that, it appears that Kim Jong-Un has overtaken all of his father’s achievements this week (in our eyes at least), as North Korea proudly announced the invention of hangover-free beer.

Apparently their Koryo Liquor, made from gingseng and scorched rice, is “highly appreciated by experts and lovers as it is suave and causes no hangover”. In a phrase I never thought I’d write, it appears that North Korea have found the answer to winning the hearts and minds (and heads) of the world. Though, probably worth pointing out that the same state media last year proclaimed finding a cure for Ebola, Sars and Aids. So maybe we’re the ones who need the gullibility pills after all (see above)…

3. 12345 is not a good password.


In a story that appears to rear it’s head every year, people still aren’t quite grasping the whole password thing. Following a year when a teenager was able to hack into a major UK telecommunications firm, one might have thought that the mass public would finally have grasped the very real threat of cyber hackers.

Well, SplashData’s annual “worst passwords” list would suggest not, showing that yet again the world’s two favourite passwords are 123456, and password. Brilliant. Qwerty came in fourth, letmein was a cute new entry in 19th, while if there’s one password that sums up just how easy it is for hackers sometimes, it was the one that came in 11th: welcome.

4. Being able to see while driving in the snow is overrated

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.36.50

At least that was presumably the thought process of one plucky 80-year-old Canadian man who was fined by police this week after being caught driving in a car almost completely covered in snow.

Charged with having an obstructed view under Canada’s Highway Traffic Act and fined $110, the elderly gent (whose name was kindly not released by the cops) claimed to have been too weak to remove the snow himself.

So after dishing out the fine, the officers cleared the snow and let him get on his way, presumably after telling him that driving with an obstructed view was snow joke…

5. The news has gone animal crazy

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.38.55

Whoever has the job of resourcing wacky animal stories will have been quids in this week as the crazy tales of a furry, wooly and scaly friends came in thick and fast.

First there was the story of a duck who appeared to share its hairstyle with Donald Trump, then came the crocodile who took a cheeky dip in a Florida swimming pool, and then our favourite of the week, a flock of sheep bringing a heroic halt to a 90-minute car chase.

Of course, it just had to be in New Zealand. Where else?

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