Five Lessons Learnt This Week: Xmas Special

Five Lessons Learnt This Week is our weekly round-up of all the funny, strange and off-beat news of the week. Perfect for a bit of Friday afternoon entertainment and a light-hearted look at what’s been going on away from the charts!

This week, we’re giving Five Lessons Learnt This Week a bit of a festive twist in our Xmas special. Read on to find out how Quality Street have caused a Christmas scandal, where to go for your Christmas dinner and why Bethlehem is about to become the no. 1 stag do destination…

1. Merry Christmas Ed Miliband

crackerHe may have been pipped to the post in this year’s election, but with just days of 2015 left, Labour party leader Ed Miliband has finally tipped a poll – as the subject of this year’s best Christmas cracker joke. A poll of 200 people to find the best gags about the year that was saw Miliband come out on top – ahead of Jeremy Clarkson, VW Gate and Jeremy Corbyn.

The joke in question was:

Q. Why does Ed Miliband open advent calendars? 

A. He gets to open the door to No. 10.

For the full list of updated cracker jokes including jokes inspired by commerce giant Amazon, the new Star Wars film release, football, Beyonce, the TalkTalk hacking scandal and more, click here. And make sure you remember one or two so you can do better than outdated cracker jokes around the dinner table this Christmas.

2. How Quality Street tins have evolved

Quality-StreetThe Internet has been outraged by a photograph showing just how much the traditional tin of Quality Street have shrunk over the years. Ten years ago, the tins held 1.7kg of the festive favourites including the famous Green Triangle, Purple One and the Strawberry and Orange Creams that are always left lurking at the bottom of the tin long after the good ones have been taken. This year, however, Quality Street is sold in plastic tubs instead of the famous tin – and the new plastic containers hold just 756g.

Charlotte Stacey Hook, from Washington, Tyne and Wear, saves her tins every year to store her decorations and decided to post a comparison photo on Facebook after noticing how they’d diminished in size. And she caused a minor uproar – her photo has now been like 50,000 and also shared on Twitter, where it created a whole other outburst of

Alright, who’s joining us in a Quality Street boycott? We always preferred Terry’s Chocolate Orange anyway…

Image Credit: Charlotte Stacey Hook Facebook

3. Oh little town of Bethlehem

BethlehemHow still we see thee lie – until the hen and stag parties land, that is. Forget Vegas and Marbella – travel operator Last Night of Freedom is touting Jesus’ birthplace as the next top destination for hen and stag dos in 2016 (or maybe just trying to hijack the Christmas headlines. What? Cynical? Us? Never.)

Their left-field hen and stag trips cost £900-a-head and claim to offer the perfect blend of sun and sea, culture and nightlife, including a trip to the Israeli city of Tel Aviv and visits to Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity – y’know, all the usual stag do haunts…

Maybe one to consider if you’re in charge of organising next year’s stag do – well, it’s somewhere different, at least.

4. Don’t cook your turkey by drone

DroneConnecticut teen Austin Haughwout thought he’d cooked up a great plan for roasting his turkey come Christmas day. He posted a YouTube video of his fire-breathing, turkey-roasting drone in action in a wooded area of his family’s backyard – and it went down a storm on YouTube. But his local police weren’t so amused by his antics and are now investigating the video.

It turns out Haughwout has got himself in hot water with his drone antics before, and though his father defended the teen, adding that they had water, fire extinguishers and hose pipes on hand in case of a mishap, the police feel his turkey-roasting adventures are “fuelling the public’s unwarranted fear of drones”. They also added that the only reason Haughwout hadn’t technically broken any laws was because the law had yet to catch up with technology.

Merry Christmas to you too.

To watch Austin’s drone roast his turkey, head over to our Viral Videos of the Week: Xmas Special. Just don’t try it at home. 

5. Where to go for Christmas dinner

ChristmasDinnerWe hope you will all be spending the festive break surrounded by your loved ones (and the inevitable arguments and forced conversations that go along with spending long periods with your extended family). But spare a thought for those who have nowhere to go for Christmas dinner – and for generous Keith Pringle, who’s come up with a solution.

Pringle, from Monaghan, Ireland, took to Facebook to invite anyone without family this Christmas to enjoy Christmas dinner with his family, and even offered to pay for their transport. Inspired by a friend who had no family left and nowhere to spend the festive break, Pringle wanted to offer a place for anyone feeling lonely this Christmas to go. Or he just doesn’t like his family much and would rather spend the holidays with a bunch of strangers. Also possible.

But we applaud him for the generous gesture either way. ‘Tis the season of goodwill and all that…

Merry Christmas to all of our traders from the Littlefish FX Team. Thank you for reading our Trader Lifestyle articles this year – we hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as we’ve enjoyed putting them together for you. Have a great Christmas and we’ll be back with more Lessons Learnt in 2016!

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