Five Lessons Learnt This Week

In this week’s Five Lessons Learnt, find out why your local charity shop is worth having a rummage in, why pretending to be Superman can be more dangerous than you might think and why you should always check your facts before making a complaint…

1. You can find some strange things in charity shops

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.51.51And we’re not talking tea sets from a land that time forgot or battered board games. Goodwill store staff in Austin, Texas alerted the police this week after finding a human skull among donations.

Medical examiners confirmed that the skull is from an adult who died within the last two years, although the cause of death is unknown. Police are confident that there was no foul play involved, and believe the skull belonged to the donator as part of a collection or anatomical model.

We can’t imagine who’d want to buy it, though…

(If you want to do your bit on International Day of Charity but don’t happen to have a human skull handy, take part in one of our Top 10 Charity Events.)

2. Think before you complain

Especially if you’re taking to Twitter to make your complaint public. A bizarre pizza complaint backfired spectacularly this week when 19-year-old Dre from London was left red-faced after tweeting Dominos Pizza to let them know his pizza arrived without toppings.

Dominos quickly apologised for the blunder, but Dre tweeted back admitting that he had actually opened the pizza box upside down. Once he turned the pizza over, he found his missing toppings. The hilarious Twitter exchange was retweeted thousands of times by amused Tweeters.

We bet Dre wishes he’d stuck to a phone call or snail mail to make his complaint. Top marks for honesty, though…

(If you’re on Twitter, follow @LittlefishFX, @LFXSam and @LFXKatie– we promise we won’t use it to whinge about our takeaway traumas.)

 3. Everything’s bigger in Texas

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.53.36Including the beer. The humble six-pack was overshadowed this week when a whopping 99-pack of ale was launched by a small Texas brewery.

It’s 7 feet long and tips the scales at 82 pounds, so you would probably need a small crane to get one home. The brewery originally designed the jumbo pack as a joke, but they have been inundated with orders from retailers despite the obvious logistic problems (like storing the huge packs).

They’re obviously way too big to put in your fridge, so the packs are cleverly designed so that once they have been opened, the remaining beers can be covered in ice. Don’t drink them all at once, though: the brewers recommend sharing one with about 33 of your friends…

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4. We can read minds

Well, almost. A world-first was achieved this week by a team of researchers who managed to send information brain-to-brain between humans- across a whopping 5,000 miles.

A technique called electroencephalogry, which monitors brain signals, was used to send the information from India to recipients in France. The experiment was designed to bypass the talking or typing part of the Internet, passing communications directly from brain-to-brain.

It’s a little creepy, but pretty cool nevertheless.

(We can’t promise they’re quite this advanced, but check out our Mobile Tech for Traders for other cool gadgets and gizmos.) 

5. No, you’re not Superman

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.59.26A Chinese burglar was hospitalised this week after leaping out of an apartment building in an effort to prove to the 10-year-old girl who disturbed his burglary that he was a superhero.

Tang Lei broke into the fifth floor flat after a heavy drinking session, believing it to be empty. But to his horror, he was disturbed by the 10-year-old. In an impressive(?) feat of quick thinking, he told the child that he was Superman, and he’d be flying off soon. The quick-thinking little girl called his bluff, saying, “If you’re really Superman, prove you can fly or I’ll scream.”

Lei stripped to his pants “to look more like a superhero” before leaping out of the window. He was later found on a roof by police in nothing but a pair of yellow pants, covered in cuts and bruises. He now faces seven years in jail for burglary as well as significant injuries to his pride.

Lei admitted from his hospital bed: “I know it doesn’t make sense, but it did to me when I was drunk.” (Maybe he’s been at those 99-packs of beer…)

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