Five Lessons Learnt This Week

In this week’s Five Lessons Learnt, find out how to make sure you get custody of the dog, why you should always check what you’re retweeting (and read the Terms and Conditions…), why your personality could stop you from getting a bank loan and how drinking 3,519 and a half pints of beer can help your memory (honest!)…

1. Always check what you’re retweeting

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 15.38.14Business tycoon Donald Trump is well-known for retweeting charity appeals and other requests, but it all went a bit wrong this week after he was sent a photograph of a couple along with the message “My parents who passed away always said you were a big inspiration. Can you please RT for their memory?” Trump happily retweeted – not realising that the couple in the  image were serial killers Fred and Rose West.

After realising his mistake (once the story had gone viral), Trump took to Twitter to complain “Some jerk fraudulently tweeted that his parents said I was big inspiration to them + pls RT- out of kindness I retweeted. Maybe I’ll sue.” Piers Morgan also jumped to his defence, tweeting: “Why should @realDonaldTrump have a clue who Fred & Rose West are? Pretty lame stunt to pull on an American.”

Other Twitter users weren’t so understanding, though, and the message has now been retweeted by 600 other people, many of whom rebuked Trump for his error. User @auntysarah described the magnate as “an utter moron”, while other users attempted to dupe Trump into another mishap, sending him pictures of fictional and real-life villains including Darth Vader, Adolf Hitler and Freddie Krueger along with heartfelt pleas to retweet. Thankfully, Trump seems to be taking more care with his RTs…

Here’s something you can retweet safely… your last chance to enter our Virtual Fitness competition for the chance to win a 3 month subscription with an online personal trainer…

2. Don’t forget the pet-nup

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 15.39.59It’s becoming increasingly common for pre-nuptial arrangements to be drawn up before a wedding, just to make sure there’s no bickering over money, houses, cars or that vase that was a wedding present from Auntie Maggie. But this week, a new pre-nuptial arrangement came into play when the first ever legal “pet-nup” was drawn up: a legal arrangement that decides what will happen to the family pet in the event of a divorce.

The “pet-nup” was launched by the Blue Cross, an animal re-homing charity who revealed that one in four couples argue over pets when they split up, and the break-ups resulted in over 1,000 animals being given up to their re-homing centres over the last five years.

The free document can be downloaded from and includes a Deed of Agreement that sets out who will take ownership in the event of a break-up or divorce. So if you want to keep custody of Rover, it might be something to think about…

3. Always check the Terms and Conditions

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 15.40.57People will go to desperate measures for free Wi-Fi. Even give up their eldest child- according to research by the Cyber Security Research Institute in an experiment designed to expose the dangers of public Wi-Fi use.

The experiment was set up in London in June, when a group of security researchers set up a Wi-Fi hotspot that promised free internet, but only if users agreed to a list of terms and conditions including a ‘Herod clause’ stating that “the recipient agrees to assign their first born child to us for the duration of eternity”. Six people signed up.

F-Secure, the security firm behind the experiment, have confirmed that they won’t be enforcing the clause, and pointed out that while terms and conditions are legally binding, “it is contrary to public policy to sell children in return for free services”, and therefore the clause wouldn’t hold up in a court of law. But it’s still pretty scary stuff, and definitely food for thought next time you’re about to tap into that unknown Wi-Fi…

(Check out our LFX Guide to Mobile Trading Gadgets if you’re in need of a new mobile device- but be careful whose Wi-Fi you’re using…)

4.Why your personality could stop you from getting a loan

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 15.41.56A major British bank has revealed plans to start conducting personality tests to help them decide whether or not to lend to individuals. The test will involve delving into your brain to find out how you respond to certain scenarios, your work ethic and humility, and how resilient you would be in the face of a crisis.

The idea is to ensure that banks are loaning money to individuals who will prioritise repaying their debts, allowing lenders to predict borrowers’ behaviour not just from their credit history – but from their personalities.

The new technology is expected to be particularly useful in developing countries, where banks are keen to grow their loan books in populations that don’t have traditional credit histories. Both Russia and Poland have already introduced these tests, and they’re set to be introduced in England next.

Initially, the tests will only be used as a way of identifying suitable candidates who have already been refused credit, hoping to reduce the 85pc of rejected credit card applications to 60pc. Good or bad? Tweet us @LittlefishFX and let us know your thoughts…

5. Beer is good for your brain

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 15.43.00No, really. A new study has found that a rare chemical compound called xanthohumol, found in hops and present in most beers, might help improve spatial memory and flexibility.

The compound is so rare that hops are currently the only known dietary source, though similar chemicals are also found in chocolate and red wine (so good news all round, then).

In a trial, mice were given a supplement of the chemical for eight weeks, and the study showed an improvement in cognitive function. Unfortunately, it worked best on the younger mice, so it might be too late for some of you. Also, to obtain the same quantity of xanthohumol the mice were given, you’d have to drink 2,000 litres or 3,519 and a half pints of beer- so it might not be wise to conduct your own human trial…

(But if you want to have a go, we’ve got 10 new beers to try here). 

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