Five Lessons Learnt This Week

Time for another round-up of funny, odd and just plain bizarre news from around the world in this week’s Five Lessons Learnt.

This time around, we’ve learnt that you should always be careful where you land your hot air balloon, that smashing up your car won’t get you to work on time and that fairies do exist…

1. Be careful where you land your hot air balloon

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.35.42A hot air ballon ride landed tourists in jail this week: literally! The two sisters, from the West Indies, boarded a hot air balloon at the annual animal fair in Pushkar, Rajasthan in the hope of getting a bird’s eye view of the fair. But they got a little more than they bargained for after their pilot lost control of the balloon and accidentally landed it in Ajmer jail grounds.

The accidental landing sparked a major security alert as jail authorities feared the balloon had come to rescue inmates in the jail. The tourists and pilot were questioned for almost two hours before authorities were convinced it was an accident – and a case has still been filed against the tour operator for “unlawful entry” into the jail premises, while all hot air balloon rides over the fair have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

The sisters didn’t let the experience dampen their holiday spirit, though – they were later seen taking an elephant ride instead…

2. Men can get pregnant?!

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 08.16.36A bus driver from Egypt was told that he was two months pregnant after taking a standard drugs test this week.

The driver was selected for the test along with other public bus drivers, and clearly thought he’d come up with the perfect foil – he’d submit his wife’s urine instead of his own. But what he didn’t know was that his wife was expecting.

Before revealing the news, officials asked the driver to confirm that the urine was his. After he agreed that it was, officials reportedly responded: “Congratulations – you’re pregnant.” Busted – and surprise!

The driver’s slip-up has led to tighter checks on drugs tests – blood tests will now be required as well as urine to prevent anyone else thinking they can swap their samples.

3. Don’t smash up your own car

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 08.14.30
Image Credit: CEN

Things all got a bit too much for accountant Spartaco Capon after a public transport saga led to him splashing out on a new car. Capon grew fed up with unreliable transport services making him late and landing him in trouble at work, and after receiving a warning from his boss about his tardiness, he caved in and bought himself a Fiat 500.

But it wasn’t quite the solution he was hoping for – in it’s very first week of use, the car let him down by refusing to start, making him late once again. It was all too much for Capon, who took an axe to his unreliable vehicle, smashing it to smithereens.

Police were called by neighbours who feared vandalism, but after Capon proved it was his own car he was smashing, he was taken to hospital, where doctors helped calm him down. He’s been given a week off work and medics expect a few days of relaxation to do a world of good.

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4. Fairies are real

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 19.52.13
Image Credit: @thetwofairies

…well, maybe. There’s been speculation after a spate of good deeds were documented on mysterious Twitter account @thetwofairies. The account appeared on the 30th October and messages of thanks for gift baskets, hampers and flowers have flooded in. One Twitter user, who was stuck in revising on a Saturday night, received a box of tea, sweets and chocolate to keep him going while another, who said she was in need of some pampering, had a bag full of cosmetics delivered.

And that’s not the best bit – the biggest miracle came when the mysterious fairies brought Christmas early to a school in Cornwall, covering it in (fake) snow. Landewednack Primary School is at the most southerly tip of the UK, where the air is too salty for snow, so many of its pupils were seeing snow for the very first time.

The fairies even left a note to say they were heading North next – so watch out for random acts of kindness near you…

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5. Always check your tools

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 08.11.27Officers from Gwent Police learned this lesson the hard way after accidentally spraying four-year-olds with hot chilli riot spray during a school demonstration.

Four year olds can be mischievous, but surely it didn’t warrant using a riot spray?! Well, no. The officers were visiting a primary school to give a lesson on equipment used by the police force – but instead of demonstrating a mock spray, officers discharged a real canister of chilli spray, causing panic among their young audience.

The spray, used to restrain suspects and break up riots, causes the eyes to close and is extremely painful – but thankfully, none of the children required medical treatment. Following the slip-up, officers are no longer allowed to take mock riot sprays into demonstrations. We bet someone left work feeling guilty that day…

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