Five Lessons Learnt This Week

Five Lessons Learnt is our weekly round-up of all the strange, off-beat and funny news of the week. Perfect for a bit of Friday afternoon entertainment and a light-hearted look at what’s been going on away from the charts!

This week in Five Lessons Learnt: naming a £200m yacht, the Queen’s birthday plans, 401 marathons and Tesco’s Easter egg mix-up…

1. What to call your £200m yacht

yachtA yacht probably features pretty highly on your trader wish list, but have you ever wondered what you’d call your vessel? The National Environment Research Council decided to let Twitter pick a name for their new state-of-the-art ship, set to be built in 2019. And naturally, Twitter users did not take their important job entirely seriously.

Currently leading the voting with more than 28,000 votes is the name “RRS Boaty McBoatface”, with other suggestions including RRS Usain Boat, RRS Boat and RRS Pingu. Communications manager James Hand originally suggested “Boaty McBoatface”, and has since apologised to the NERC for the storm it caused.

But (slightly disappointingly) the name will have to curry favour with NERC as well as top the vote, as NERC ensured one of the terms of the online competition was that the final decision would lie with them. So you probably won’t be seeing Boaty McBoatface on the high seas any time soon. Worse luck.

2. How to party when you’re 90

beerThe Queen is already making preparations for a country-wide royal knees-up for her 90th birthday. First on the list – extend drinking hours (we like her style). The Prime Minister announced this week that pubs across the UK will be allowed to serve alcohol for an extra two hours on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th June, staying open until 1am in honour of the Queen’s birthday. Hey, if we were 90, we’d think we’d earned an extra pint or two too.

The extended opening hours are particularly perfectly timed because they happen to fall on the weekend of England’s first games of Euro 2016 (so plenty of time to drown your sorrows post-match).

Not that we’re more interested in the football than the Queen’s birthday. Not at all… Cheers, Lizzie!

3. You can always go one better

marathonEddie Izzard has been getting global praise after completing the immense feat of running 27 marathons in 27 days. But there’s an unsung hero who’s making that look like a walk in the park – comedian Ben Smith, who’s halfway through the 401 Challenge. Yes, that is 401 marathons one after the other, all with the aim of raising £250,000 for charities Stonewall and Kidscape.

Ben has currently completed 203 consecutive marathons despite suffering with swollen knees, ankles and severe tendonitis, and still has another 198 to go. He started running on the 1st September, smashed the world record for consecutive marathons back in October and will have run a staggering 10,506 miles by October 5 (if all goes well) – that’s the equivalent of running from London to Sydney.

Somebody get the guy a medal. Or a blister plaster.

4. When is an Easter egg not an Easter egg?

easterWhen you get a salad instead. A pair of twin boys were left disappointed this week after their mum ordered two Cadbury’s Easter eggs – but in a bizarre twist of automated online shopping substitution (or perhaps a secret healthy eating campaign), a roast chicken and broccoli salad arrived instead. Not quite the same…

Luckily the 12-year-old twins saw the funny side, so there Easter weekend hasn’t been ruined just yet. Meanwhile, the supermarket behind the mix-up (Tesco, if you’re interested) are investigating what caused the unusual substitution. We reckon they should send the boys a free egg each to make up for the colossal disappointment of receiving salad in place of chocolate…

5. Easter weekend will be shorter than usual

By one hour to be exact, as the clocks go forward in the UK on Sunday (27th) thanks to Daylight Savings Time. So don’t forget to change your clocks, update your trading timetables and most of all, make the most of the shorter space of time you have to laze around the house, avoid getting roped in to spring cleaning and eat as many chocolate eggs as possible. Have a great long weekend all!

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