Gearbox: Brabus B63S

LFXGearboxThe second article in our new Gearbox series from Littlefish himself focuses on the new Brabus B63S, the motor that every dictator or oil baron worth their salt should own…

Fed up of the boring commute over the dunes to your Palace in a helicopter? Thought so. Well, fear not moneybags, as we have just the ride for you…

Courtesy of our friends at Brabus, here is the 700 bhp 6-wheel drive (yep, that’s not a typo, I said 6) converted Mercedes G Wagon that was unveiled last month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Indeed, the nutters at Brabus have finally done it, and they’ve gone to town on the G-Wagon as if their current model is not beasty enough, to create a one-off uber-model ahead of a potential ten car run. Thinking about shelling out on one? Course you are. Here’s the lowdown…

brabusOn the dials

  • 690bhp
  • 708lb ft of torque
  • 0-62mph time of 7.4 seconds
  • Limited to a measly 100mph, purely down to the size of the 37inch rims

Engine Room
So how does it give you all that power? Well take one part Mercedes 5.5 litre V8, add on Brabus special twin turbos, a tasty sports exhaust and remap the ECU. And bingo.

4 tonnes of pure strength, although nicely done, with LEDs and a splash of carbon fibre and chrome.

it’s the normal super spec from Brabus. Lots of tastefully done red leather along with black and red Alcantara trim, TV screens, stainless steel brush plates and aluminium finished components

Still interested? It’s yours sir for just under half a million Euros. (Do you need a driver to take it from Germany to Dubai for you? Oh gone on, please. We’ll keep it pristine clean. Promise…).

Buy it here (and don’t forget to tell them who referred you…)Lambo

Not overly-enamoured with the Brabus? Then might we tempt you with this rather nifty Lamborghini 4×4. This late 80’s classic is yours sir for a snip at 135,000 Swiss Francs. Originally designed for the US military and used within the Paris to Dakar rally, this version is in immaculate condition (we presume) but be warned, it looks like it only has the 5 litre V8 version. And we know you had your heart on the 7.2L V12…

Buy it here.