LFXGearboxSay hello to the latest feature to join Littlefish’s Trader Lifestyle section… Gearbox. If you don’t get the clue from the name (really?) then this will be devoted to everything we love about a true trader favourite – cars and motoring.

And as it happens, each week we have the perfect man to take the wheel on this – Mr Littlefish himself. As well as being a trading shark, Littlefish is something of a petrolhead, and when he’s not glued to his charts, he’ll be glued to Top Gear or the F1.

Each week we’ll bring you the latest motor you should be casting your eye on, but given that it’s the first week, and to coincide with the Frankfurt Motor Show, we’re bringing you five of the best to kick us off…

OK, so let’s begin this all with a confession. I am an Aston man. Not only are they beautiful to look at but incredible to drive. But the best thing is that when I walk to our office in Mayfair, or if I am over with the tech team in Canary Wharf, I don’t see many of them driven by dicks to make me want to throw myself under a bus…

That said, the Frankfurt Motor Show is on at the moment and I can’t help but be drawn to some of the shiny images being sent across the wires into my inbox to distract me from my charts. So that I can do the very same to you, here is a roundup of the cars that have drawn my rather blinkered vision so far…

Mercedes S Class

SClassIt’s hard not to amaze at the Mercedes S Class. Although this here says concept, with a release date not due for another 3 years, this is near enough 90% of the way finished.

What strikes me is the technology and the interior of this car, and the increasing tendency at Mercedes to add more curved swooping lines and more luxury designed around the driver.

Both of which are nice touches, and if I am being driven in an exec car, the S Class is always the car I ask for.

Porsche 918 Spyder

PorscheThis is a car I am desperate to drive but know I probably never will. Damn Porsche for making something so incredible.

It looks killer, it opened the show in Frankfurt and again the technology involved in the beast is incredible, with the hybrid and KERS system meaning that the thing can even propel itself too…

BMW i Series

BMWiHybrids are all the rage at the moment, and frankly, I don’t like them. But I see their merit and look forward to the day when we really nail the technology.

My annoyance is purely driven from the scores of Londoners plugging their cars into chargers on the street. Not only does it seem impractical, but I tend to agree with Jeremy Clarkson in that actually they actually cost more to build. Batteries last only two years, are considered by some to even be dangerous and, given the power being used from the national grid, I’m just not convinced on the energy or environmental saving.

All that being said, BMW seem to be onto something with the i series and the i3 looks like a real goer. Although the i8 looks like much more fun…

Jaguar C-X17

Jag4x4For all you 4×4 lovers out there, another luxury manufacturer is entering the fray. After seeing Bentley announce it was producing a 4×4 that will no doubt line the streets of Chelsea soon enough, Jaguar has released their own concept.

It’s unlikely to come out any time soon, but the concept is probably close to what the finished product will look like.

McLaren P1

McLP1But there’s only one to end on. The car that I would willingly sell a kidney to get my hands on (although I honestly doubt my kidneys are worth anything), is the McLaren P1.

I know it isn’t really news for Frankfurt having already been unveiled in Paris last year, but honestly, just look at it. Like the minute, precision details of F1 that appeal to my technical side, it’s the sheer science behind the McLaren models that I love.

And this is even being hailed as the new McLaren F1, which is really saying something given that it held the title of fastest road-going car for so long.

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